Friday, February 19, 2016

My quick thoughts on Deadpool...

Reader Discretion is Advised.

You Know, there's something on the internet on where's the fu something, but the name of the movement escapes me... Ah well, I've only got 2 or so blogs until  Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land... so here's my thoughts on an R-Rated Superhero movie, though it doesn't really qualify as a superhero movie.

Deadpool is an interesting movie, for one thing, I wouldn't really classify it as a Superhero movie, even though there's a guy in red and black spandex with super powers. It's more like a comic book anti-hero movie. also it's as raunchy as frak, yet it's still funny at parts. The film's essentially an origin story. Basically Deadpool gets turned into who he is by this guy named Francis. and the other part of Deadpool's a revenge story. and the film's trailers don't give much away about the plot, unlike other comic book movies (BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, I'M LOOKING AT YOU!!!!) ON ething I liked about this story was it knew when to be goofy, and when to be serious. Deadpool isn't enough to handle a franchise by himself, even though he can be entertaining, that's not enough. so it fixes that by 1) making this rely on the X-Men continuity, 2) making this an ensemble piece with Colossus (who's main draw here is to be the morally correct family friendly super hero movie character) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (who's essentially a deconstruction of angst teenagers). And that's as much of the film as I'm going to give away, because if I talk humor, you'll just be mad at me for spoiling this film, so I'll just say the humor works a lot of the time. There are flaws I must admit, like the humor can get a little juvenile at times, especially how every other word has to be a swear. I admit this was a fun movie, not great mind you, but fun, passes the time. I give this film 3 Deadpool Masks out of 4.

Here's to possibly more mature comic book movies, but for now, what was that movement called? Where's the frak uterus? No. Where's the fairy usa? No. Where's the beef? Maybe it'll come up to me eventually...

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