Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anonymous Yoshi News Desk: June 2015

Welcome to the June edition of Anonymous Yoshi News Desk... For the benefit most of my international readers, in case you weren't aware, we've had a bit of rough time in the good ol' US of A this month. We've had yet another mass shooting, There's plans for another draconian copyright regulation system, The economy still isn't perfect, We're still having racism fueled white cops beating non Caucasian citizens with impunity, We've had a close vote for progressivism for civil rights in terms of gay marriage, yet not everyone's happy with it, we're going through another ellection in just over a year, yet non of the canidates wowed me, and Nintendo had their first real crappy press conference since at least 2008. In light of how heavy current events have become thanks to our country slowly becoming a S**thole, how about we talk about all the other things that happened this month...

First off, Dragon Ball Super, I'll be blunt, I'm conflicted what to think of it. It feels like Goku will (like in the last few arcs of the manga), have him in a reduced role, heck The main character at the moment seems to be Goten and Trunks, Unless we see them grow up over the course of the 100 episodes this series will have, or if Goku comes in and takes his time in the spotlight back, I don't know man, heck the series was supposed to end after the Frieza arc, and it peaked during the cell arc, so will they make something good? Or will it turn out worse than Evolution and GT? I want to be excited for new Dragon Ball, but i don't know how it'll turn out. The series premieres in just a few days...

Next is Cyborg 009 vs Devilman, I assume this is going to be the new Devilman Anime we've hear about back in April? If so, Why Market it as a Devilman when Cyborg 009 was in it?! I like Cyborg 009, but You've got to advertise it as is... It might be a triple feature with one part 009, one part Devilman, and one part crossover, but I expected a retelling of Devilman, not an original story, which could be good, but we'll figure it out on October of this year. In other news, still no word on Sailor Moon Crystal Arc 3, You'd think we would've heard about it by now, but no, we'll probably hear about it when we least expect it.

In terms of Toku News, Drive's slowly reaching it's Climax, Ultraman X will be coming soon, so look for that if/when it's subtitled (considering that Ginga S hasn't been fully subbed yet), and Ninninger's getting Chouzetsu Akaninger and Lion Ha-Oh, all next month... Kamen Rider Drive's movie is getting a cool looking Super Deadheat mode, with Ninninger's movie getting a Dinosaur mech.

As far as video game news, All the big things happened at E3, Read what I thought here... But one thing I didn't mention was the petition to have that fake Metroid Prime Game canceled, Nintendo currently gives no response. As silly as the petition is, I wish nintendo wasn't this stubborn when it comes to listening to their fans, It's bad enough you're losing fans every passing console generation, you got pretty much forever friendzoned by pretty much every big 3rd party in the business, you really need to lose that stubbornness if you want the NX to succeed, and by extension surviving past the NX... The other big news to happen in the games industry, Gamestop selling retro games, On one hand, It's amazing to see Gamestop actually embracing old school games considering it's the 21st century, but they should've done it long ago, pretty much all the stores Gamestop acquired pretty much did it, and it's basically as broken as hell right now. Needs better prices, more selection, etc.

So Jurassic World, It's decent, not great, I just can't think of anything to say regarding the movie, I thought I did , but nothing came out for a blog, but it is popcorn entertainment, so watch it if you want to be distracted for a couple hours.

The new Spiderman will start him at high school again, and we've got an actor and director, both of whom I've never heard of. To go sort of off topic, There will be more Harry Potter, in the form of plays, seeming from the realization that no one cares about JK Rowling when she isn't making Harry Potter, so she'll make more Harry Potter, I just want other people to make harry potter stuff for JK Rowling as sort of an expanded universe, like with Star Wars. eventually Rowling's going to fatigue and want other people to handle the property.

In the world of What the actual serious flying living F***, Tron 3 get's canceled, Yeah I doubt Disney will make anything spectacular with said property, because other than Marvel, they don't know how to make stuff like this, but it feels like we're missing out on something fun and popcorn night like,,,

Lastly movies coming out, Terminator, and Ant-Man (expect areview when that comes out), also movies you probably should avoid, Pixels, But I'll probably see it just as a night out, and become immediately brain dead. So that's a wrap, see you next month...

Tonight's edition of A. Yoshi News Desk is brought to you by Rare Replay, showing the developer still cares about it's fans... Also apologies for the lackluster post this month, I'm tired, I've got a huge workload for July, and I'll try to make next month even better, With SDCC happening, and all...

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