Saturday, December 14, 2013

Random Rubbish Roundup #14 (ON THE 14th): Now YouTube's Done It, Could The King of the Monsters Finally be Taken More Seriously here?, Another Yu-Gi-Oh series, REALLY!?!?


Before we talk, I want to adress a couple things, First off The Day of the Doctor and Catching Fire Blogs have been indefinitely delayed, also I know the new Hobbit came out, but I'm waiting until all 3 movies came out before I review it. Also I'm not trying to rip off anyone with any of the topic decisions in my R.Cubed-s? I did these because they were interesting and newsworthy. But anyway, YouTube's New Content ID policies, the Godzilla Trailer, and Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V are today's topics.


So this is the more Serious one, but anyway, YouTube's made some stupid decisions before, but THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE FOR PURE IDIOCY!!!!!! Google wants to have stricter copyright policies, This is probably done due to people uploading full movies and TV shows onto YT, enabling adsense on them, and ruining it for everyone else who knows how to use fair use. At first you may think it'll get rid of a bunch of junk channels, but this is affecting legitimate channels as well, Like Let's Play and Review channels. It's harder and harder for the next big thing to come to the videoverse. If you want to make it on YouTube, get ready to get drowned by corporations, Copyright Infringing Channels, big name stars (Internet or otherwise), and people who viewbot. If you want to make it big anywhere else, good luck becoming relevant, not to mention blip now has an application system. RIP THE REVIEWAVERSE 2005-2013.


So The new Godzilla film looks like it's going to concentrate on the people more than monsters, Some people may not like that, but as long as the story's good, heck Godzilla looks more like his Japanese version than Godzilla '98. I like the scope of this film, but I wonder if they're going to call this movie in Japan Gojira Attacks New York, I wonder if they're going to make this in canon with the Toho films, I wonder if They're going to give Godzilla a monster to fight or if he's fighting the military. There's so much mystery to this film right now, but We'll have to see as more trailers come out.


They making another Yu-Gi-Oh, Huh? Hasn't that been less than relevant for almost a decade, I get that you want Franchises to be relevant for as long as possible for new generations to see, Heck, that's why we have new interpretations of Transformers, TMNT, Power Rangers, Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda, but sometimes you've got to let franchises die for a while to let it become relevant again (I DON'T KNOW HOW THE HELL THERE'S STILL BEYBLADE AFTER BEING IRRELEVANT AFTER THE FIRST SERIES!!!!!), That's why we had to wait 2 decades for a new Thundercats (which didn't find It's audience), Yu-Gi-Oh was mainly for older audiences, but Kids loved collected the cards so much that we have to have new versions of Yu-Gi-Oh every few years, Don't you think that maybe, just maybe we've had enough for a while? Just a thought.

Well that's all I want to say today, See you later.

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