Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Rubbish Roundup #4: Rangers returning for Super Megaforce, The moon has been delayed, Pokemon X & Y are still looking meh as usual

I hate drama, especially when when it involves me and web producers I like, which is kind of why my Iron Man 3 review missed the scheduled date, but let's try to forget about all this TGWTG whatever crap, and get to three topics that aren't exactly great for full sized blogs, so let's go go go man.


As you know, Power Rangers is going to have many historic rangers return in Super Megaforce, including (but probably not limited to) Casey Rhodes (Jungle Fury Red Ranger), Jayden Shiba (Red Samurai Ranger), Tommy Oliver (too many to name), Justin Stewart (Red Turbo Ranger), Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger), among others, But it'll also have Gokai Silver, as a new silver ranger. and before you get too excited, the Gokaiger suits will only be used as Power Up suits, Kind of disappointing, but cost saving, what are you going to do? It's going to have OLD VILLAINS, OLD MONSTERS, REFERENCES TO RANGER SERIES IN THE PAST, HOLY CRAP, THIS BETTER NOT SUCK!!!!! I just have a bad feeling with Saban Brands being Saban Brands and all, Please don't suck. You know what else better not suck, Man of Steel, But That's for another time.


Well that sucks, Toei pulled the finger on us and sticking in their ass. Sailor Moon's going to have to wait even longer for an American return, There was even rumors of it even airing on Toonami in the US when it's dubbed. It could be delayed as far as early 2014, but why, I don't know. For all I know it could be the Sailor Moon equivalent of Dragon Ball Z Kai, but I really want to see if it's worth the wait. Then again It probably explains the lack of official news and updates regarding it within the time between announcement and now. By now Sailor Moon celebrated it's 21st anniversary, it better not go into 22, and it better be worth the wait considering how long we've waited for this.


Not much has came up since the Sylveon announcement and now, but Mewtwo has a new form, an awakened form, but what does it do? Seriously, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY KEEPING SO MUCH FROM US CURRENTLY?!?! Sylveon's type is probably going to surprise us all no matter what it's going to be, This summer's Pokemon movie, so unless you live in Japan, you'll never know what type Sylveon is, what Mewtwo's awakened form does, or any of this first hand. As much as I want this to be good with all the mystery surrounding it, it'll could be just as good as at least Diamond and Pearl, or as a sucky and boring as Black and White.

Well that's it for today, next time, a full sized blog.

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