Monday, May 20, 2013

Well that sucks...

Before we begin, let me begin with...


Now onto the blog, OK first off I want to say I over exaggerated the last blog, kind of. I said Nintendo was taking videos down when , they're just content IDing them. Is this still bad for the LP and reviewer community? YES. 1) it cuts their funds for doing free advertising for their games. 2) too many copyright claims and their channel can be pulled.I personally the people who are going to be affected addressed better than I could, so just youtube search Nintendo copyright claims.

Second, rescheduling time. So the next couple of months of blogs is going to have the First part of the E3 blog and my thoughts on the 3 new consoles put together, Kakuranger act 1 is going to be a bigger all of Kakuranger review when GrownUpsInSpandex finishes subbing it, No "5 more producers I like" blog since I couldn't think of good reasons for why I liked the five choices I picked, Iron Man 3 blog's coming eventually (I REALLY WANT TO GET TO IT), Toonami's next, E3 blog will come soon after E3, The "problems with modern anime" blog should come soon (hopefully), and as for the TGWTG year 5 blog, I'm trying to for get about the site at the time.

And that's about it, until next time stay gold.

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