Friday, February 8, 2013

TGWTG Year 5 Wish List and Predictions

Let's start this blog with my thoughts on the new Nostalgia Critic...

AND I... Have none. Basically I don't care for Doug Walker as much as I did in 2009 or 2010. He hasn't put out a particularly great video since 2011, if that. Let me put it this way I'm not watching any of the new NCritic episodes unless they're really interesting. The only way to make it interesting is to review a movie that I remember, or to do a crossover with MarzGurl. But yeah, I'm not watching NCritic right now. So that was my final say on the issue and until next time, stay...

Oh you want my ideas and predictions for the upcoming fifth anniversary special for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. Holly (the site webmistress) said that it would be smaller, but knowing the whole return of Nostalgia Critic and this being a landmark anniversary for the site, It can be something at least as big as Kickassia (the site's 2nd anniversary), maybe a little bigger. Demo Reel wouldn't have been worked enough to warrant a spot for the 5th anniversary because...

  1. It wasn't really that popular unfortunately
  2. It was big enough production-wise that it might as well match the bigger scale works on the site like the four anniversaries, Ed Glaser's work, and (While it was still on there) Reviewaverse Saga.

Point is that the special should be at the very most something not quite up to the scale of Suburban Knights, but something reasonably big for the 5th year of the site's existence. They could also do something something slightly bigger than the Year 1 Anniversary Brawl, but I'll get to that later.

The second thing I'll talk about is who will be attending? Well we all know Doug's the ring leader. Lindsay (Nostalgia Chick) will have an EXTREMELY HIGH chance of attending knowing her place on the site (and Blip). Shadow Todd has a special place in Blip's hearts so he's a good Possibility. Linkara and Brad Jones (Cinema Snob) are another two VERY LIKELY candidates because they're very big on the site (not to mention Brad lives in Springfield, Which is in the same state as Chicago). Angry Joe is the most iconic member on Blistered Thumbs, so he's probably going. Paw has been on the TGWTG Anniversary roster since day 1 so he's also a good possibility. MarzGurl is also one of the site's OG's, but her story's kind of funny, She did have one HELL of a year last year, so she needs a break from reality, but... she's got the FamiKamen Rider series coming up, so I assume she's going to be even more tired to add to an already hectic 2013, BUT (AGAIN)... she's a pretty hard worker, she has a day job, is currently working on a podcast, and is still doing her regular workload, so that makes her a definite maybe (AND TV TROPES, CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY YOU DON'T WANT KAYLYN IN THE NEXT ANNIVERSARY). Spoony is a big bowl of of N and O (we all know why by now). Phelous... Well... I don't know that much about him. Film Brain... Yeah... I kind of hope he doesn't get picked because, well, TV Tropes said it best by saying he had so much development and screen time already (going from butt monkey to hero). Bennett the Sage is kind of hard to get a say on, Part of me wants him for being a part of the previous four ones, but the other part of me feels like his appearances in the four anniversaries was just there, Didn't have anything interesting to do or say, but he's a definite Maybe as well. JewWario Has his FamiKamen Rider (Which you may or may not see a review of from me of), then again Cinema Snob had his movie but he didn't have problems, even then...

  1. FamiKamen Rider has a Potentially bigger scale than the Cinema Snob movie
  2. Colorado is farther away than Springfield
  3. JewWario's in his 40s and Brad's in his 30s

So that also makes JewWario a potential Maybe. Lupa has a big following on the site, so she's likely. 8-Bit Mickey is probably not because the Game Heroes is done, what else can he do on the site. Oancitizen has his graduate project he's working on so he's a probably not. Luke Mochrie will probably get picked because Doug has a fondness for his work despite not putting ANYTHING on the site anymore (AND I NEVER REALLY LIKED HIS APPEARANCES IN THE LAST 2 ANNIVERSARIES). JesuOtaku is... Kind of a weird story. I want for her to be in it just to see what kind of chemistry she has with MarzGurl (IF SHE'S EVEN IN IT), but I didn't really like her appearance in To Boldly Flee, and as far as a prediction stance goes, If you look at her blip page, a lot of the stuff uploaded in the past 6 months is stream stuff or random side projects, Maybe if they notice, they won't pick her, but they probably will just because she's a big money maker (and she'll probably block me for saying all that). CR and SadPanda, I don't know enough or care enough about. That's just The main cast. Onto the potential newcomers.

Well, the newcomers are probably going to be...

  • Rachel and Malcom from Demo Reel and the new Nostalgia Critic (I think it's clear why)
  • ERod or the BlockBuster Buster (GOD I HOPE NOT, BUT KNOWING DOUG, PROBABLY)
  • Sci-Fi Guy (He probably will get that for an apology for his lack of screentime last time)
  • Maven/Elisa from Nostalgia Chick (She's grew so much in popularity she might as well) 

If I didn't mention someone, it's either because there's a good possibility they might not be in it, or their a side character. Also some of the possibilities might not make it, with it being a potentially smaller anniversary and all, If they were to make it that way, they'd only pick 10 to 15 members.

Onto the story, Well I have 2 possible Ideas for it, Go for the higher budget, and you could do a Supernatural/horror type story because that's basically the 3rd main genre of genre material (the others being Fantasy and Science Fiction, both of which are already TGWTG Anniversaries). If they were to go the smaller route, they could remake the TGWTG Year 1 Anniversary Brawl, just on a bigger scale and new members.  I think this because It is the site's 5th anniversary so you might as well go back to you roots, just saying.

Well that's all folks, Next time Something not about TGWTG. I promise.


  1. I apologize if my response comes out really "random." Can't really organize my thoughts...

    1) took Team Awesome a little less than a week to film TBF (that was probably the case w/the other annivs)...worst comes to worst JDub & Kyle (who you were uncertain about)could perhaps fly in & do their respective scenes then be done in 1 or 2 days w/out severely clashing with their respective schedules...such is the beauty of film editing, not having to stay the whole week or film in scene sequential order. Kyle may not have as much freedom to do this as Justin though; i don't know how/if his academic schedule--i.e. exams & school projects--will clash with whichever week TGWTG/CA films (last year that was the last week of March).

    2)If CA goes the supernatural and/or horror route, two of your "possibles" would become "definites," & i'll add one more you didn't mention:

    *Maven of the Eventide, cuz she's the "Vampire Chick," not to mention a key Chez Apoc member.

    *Scifi Guy, as the "field expert" (think Jeff Goldblum's character from Jurassic Park or Egon Spengler from thte Ghostbusters franchise)--this would be a suitably larger role for him & a sufficient "apology" casting as you put it...

    And as long as CA is making "apologies," they should also make it up to...

    *Diamanda Hagan--Disclaimer:i've watched one vid of hers, and frankly she freaks me out too much to comfortably watch. That said i can't deny her considerable fanbase/following...that Plus that macabre aura about her would make her a "lock" for a scary or paranormal story. Besides her "blink & you missed her" cameo from last year _deserves_ an apology.

    3)I keep returning to your idea of "apology" casting because that i'm sure had to be key to one particular casting decision...Walker Brothers? We get it...You were *still* kicking yourselves in 2012 for totally brainfreezing & thus forgetting to invite JO to do Suburban Knights back in 2011, right? So you made it up to her by putting her in TBF...a noble mea culpa, but it still doesn't undo how irrelevant she was to TGWTG last year, either in TBF or overall...
    4)Upgrading some of your "probables" to "definites" (though i could be wrong of course):

    Brad, not just cuz of proximity and "seniority" but also because he's not doing AFAIK a big, separate film project on the side this year.

    Paw, Definitely definite, being engaged to a Chez Apocalypse member--not to downplay the very proactive contributions he makes to CA. Music Movies continues to be fun & informative...

    Todd ^ yup, see what i said about Paw.

    Linkara & named them "Very Likely/Probable"...AFAIK they're such a lock they're already IN, for the reasons you already mentioned (seniority/most recognized reps of TGWTG's two main "affiliate" branches)...

    Marz?...i'm gonna say "definite"...besides everything she's got going on, don't forget she was a Nostalgia Chick Finalist before Lindsay was appointed the title...doesn't get any more "original TGWTG" than that.

    It'll also give her the opportunity to either a)plug her appearance in FKR or b)plug the FKR show overall in the event JDub's unable to participate in yr5 and do so himself.
    Upgrading one "maybe" to a "probable." Lupa is a strong probable/almost definite by virtue of her popularity; therefore Phelous is at least a probable being her BF (not to knock his work--haven't watched enough to judge so i cant.)

    1. Look, I'm not making another blog on this, so I might as well address this here and now.

      First off, Regarding J-Dub and Kyle, Knowing Kyle and Justin are going to put blood, sweat, and tears into their respective projects (Kyle especially since he's probably going to start either Production or Pre-production at around the same time as the anniversary starts filming), They could Film just for a day or two, but even then, it's probably going to be a waste of money for whichever party, entity, or person is going to be funding their trip. JewWario is still pretty likely since when the Year 5 Special starts filming (most likely end of march or early april), he'll at least be done with post-production on 1 episode of FamiKamen Rider.

      Second order of business, No one knows what the next anniversary's theme is going to be (I just made an educated guess), but if it is Supernatural/Horror, Maven will definitely be member, but last year was Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi Guy wasn't invited, Then again Maven has more of a presence on TGWTG and Blip, adding more to how definite it is. Speaking of Sci-Fi Guy I bet he got a lot of emails last year, so it only makes sense. If they do have Diamanda Hagan, they're likely to make her an anti hero or just plain villain. I believe Hagan got a lot of emails last year, but yeah, it's really first come, first serve, so they pick the ones who reply the quickest.

      Point #3. Refer to my First come, First serve policy that Doug and Rob Walker use for their annversaries. JO (without sounding too disrespectful) has always been kind of slow, so it's not as much of a surprise as some would think that JO wasn't picked for Suburban Knights.

      Sidenote: The first come, first serve is just an educated guess by me on how the whole casting process works.

      Final point you made. Good point about Brad, and Paw of course can't leave his future wife/Whatever Elisa is when he's engaged behind. Linkara and Joe are definitely going since Joe over took Spoony as the most Iconic Blistered Thumbs member, not to mention they're two of the site's biggest money makers. MarzGurl really is still hard to get a say on, don't get me wrong she's (based on what you said) more definite than I thought, but It's going to be crazy if she does (not to mention Krissy/Goggles was a NChick nominee yet she wasn't in Kickassia for a full appearance, Benzaie was in the first 3 anniversaries full time but not the forth, Little Miss Gamer and Sean weren't in Kickassia despite being original TGWTGs). Lupa and Phelous are both HUGE Money makers on the site (and a couple) so I can see them Joining filming.

      Damn I never written a response this long before.

    2. Never even occurred to me that "who responds 1st" _could_ be how annivs get casted. That would explain both JO's no show in SK (i still think she'd have come off less irritating, maybe as a Lina Inverse?) and her TBF appearance--she did far less in 2012 for CA than 2011 & she had to stay visible to the viewers _somehow_, so that theory actually makes *More* sense. If that was indeed the case.

      Also: "JO (without sounding too disrespectful)..." Uh, given recent events i wouldn't Even worry about that too much. Just sayin.

    3. I'm sorry about saying "JO (without sounding too disrespectful)..." I just want to keep my fandom without sounding to much like a jerk by criticizing her.

    4. As long as your criticisms are valid, objective, and not personal, then you won't sound like an unreasonable jerk...just a very concerned fan. It's like how fans of their local sports team gripe about the team not because they hate it, but because they hate when that organization doesn't do what it needs to perform well. Similar deal here.