Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking about Nostalgia Critic, Again.

This is a follow-up to last week's blog, Read here if you haven't yet. Basically the whole reason I wanted to make this post is because a user by the name of Nagato316 made a comment that brings up points I should consider. Basically in the last blog I talked about Nostalgia Critic returning and why the idea was Ludicrous. This week I elaborate even deeper into why the thing is stupid and respond to the comment for real. So let's do it man!!!

First off, The whole reason I said Demo Reel was a flop was because it was the popular opinion and It didn't make as much money as Nostalgia Critic did back in the day. Forget the man makes 5 figure numbers every year no matter what he puts out, Demo Reel wasn't exactly anyone's best work, and really came off as wasted potential. Why might that be? Is Doug Walker not as good of an Amateur film maker as James Rolfe? If that's the case, Why is it that To Boldly Flee turned out better than the Angry Video Game Nerd movie did so far? Well TBF may have had a lot of padding and references, but at least it wasn't trying to be a gross out fest, and CAN be enjoyed when you look at it for what it was. But the biggest reason it was widely considered a flop was because IT ONLY LASTED 5 DOD DERNED EPISODES, That's not even including side Videos. Yes the series could have lasted longer, but the likely lost money from the episodes they had.

The big reason I'm not looking forward to NCritic's return is because you're not going to be watching the 2008/2009 Doug Walker, Instead you'll be watching the Bart's Nightmare Doug or the Demo Reel Doug, I think if Demo Reel was really doing as badly as it was critically, give it another few episodes and the show may catch on. Yes we can't recreate the old Nostalgia Critic's cult fame, but you're still going to be recognized as a small-time internet entrepreneur among the business scene. But the biggest problem is trying to gain that old viewership you had back in the day, but you can't gain that back as much as you can't undo all the consistencies in the Reviewaverse.

Somehow me and Nagato feel like Lindsay has been as good as she always was, some may think she's gone downhill after she diversified her show, but that made her something closer to the OG Nostalgia Critic. She's essentially the Female Doug Walker, she has enough of a presence on both TGWTG and Blip that she might as well be the main draw of the site. Not to mention (like Nagato said) she had years of Film School, so she can make a feature up to par (at least in scale) of James Rolfe or Doug Walker.


Now time to talk about Chez Apocalypse more. Their less nerdy, more artistic nature of the team's reviews is why I never got into that as much, but why Blip considers them something to market the hell more of. Which brings me to the League of SuperCritics. All I can say is that it's marketing for Blip's ever so growing business model. As much as I hate to say this, GOOGLE, DO NOT BUY OUT BLIP!!!!! YOU'RE JUST GOING TO SCREW IT UP LIKE YOU DID WITH YOUTUBE!!!!! Not that they're going to but blip needs to stay a privately owned company.

And final order of business, Basically TGWTG changed from 2008-2011, Lindsay Ellis diversified Nostalgia Chick, Linkara has a more epic storyline, Spoony's Gone, MarzGurl Changed god knows how many times, and some of the producers like Little Miss Gamer and ThatChickWithTheGoggles are gone. Some of the Channel Awesome producers realized this and some of the producers like Lindsay, Doug, and Todd are on League of SuperCritics, JewWario has You Can Cook This and the upcoming FamiKamen Rider, Angry Joe has a partnership with The Game Station, MarzGurl has a podcast with her friend which you can watch on YouTube. SERIOUSLY, WHY don't they have a YouTube Partnership? If Blip's screwing you over Kaylyn, why not get a YT Parntership? What can Possibly go wrong?

Oh... If you have to start a new channel or something, Don't upload anything that might be seen as too copyright infringing, save your Blip for stuff like that.

Well that's it for this post, Next time, something new, I promise.

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