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Gekisou Sentai Carranger VS Ohranger movie review

Somewhere in Earth's orbit...

Yoshiette: Can someone tell me why we're now in a space ship?

Anonymous Yoshi: Advertisement for my blog.

YE: Oh. What do you plan to do with this?

AY: Skydive to GATOcon to say hi to MarzGurl, And this is now my new base of operations.



YE: I'll go to the core of the ship, you review today's movie.

Location: Earth's Orbit. Stardate: ummmm.... February 16. It's time for a review... and time for introduction. Yeah, Carranger isn't exactly my favorite Sentai, but at least its better than most of the Post Gaoranger (Power Rangers Wild Force) Sentai. It even has a chick that looks like MarzGurl, With her Jumpsuit (of Kaylyn's "1.0" look) and short hair (of Marz 3.0). My problem with It is that just feels super Japanese and goofy (I'm more of a fan of the darker Sentai series), but is it's unlikely combination with one of the best Sentai ever (Ohranger/Power Rangers Zeo) worth watching?

Spoilers ahead.


The movie starts with an opening, sing along with me. OPEN UP YOUR HEART TO THE WONDERS OF LOVE, LET YOUR CAR FLY, AND NO CURVE, WILL EVER SLOW YOU DOWN... Yeah onto the movie. So the actual movie starts with the crew getting a car fixed when Kyosuke/Red Racer/Red Turbo Ranger noticing Bowzock (the villains of the series) might be coming. In the giant rubber band ball in space, Oh I'm sorry, Bowzock's base of operations, Zonnette/Divatox is flirting with Gynamo/Rygog, and Exhaus/Goldgoyle introduces special cans of gasoline. SS Sutatanzo (A gas attendant Monster) appears in the city, Dappu (AKA Gangsta Teletubby) calls in the Carrangers to stop the monster, but by then the monster filled cars with the special gas which sends them to Bowzock. Signalman/Blue Senturion is watching over the city in his police box, Carranger pass it in their vehicles, and Signalman chases after them, and he sees cars flying, Sutatanzo tells him the cars aren't flying but signalman doesn't believe him. The monster calls in Wumpers/Chromites to deal with the Team. Signalman shoves the monster's Gas nozzle up Sutatanzo's nose. Signalman Tells red Racer about the time he sang a song to aliens to help calm them down. He goes up in the sky, sings that same song, and the cars go back to the Earth. The monster goes back to the Bowzock Base and Exhaus punishes him. Kyosuke goes to the Hot springs and finds a Monster known as Bara Mobile (a car monster), think it's a tanooki at first, then a member of Bowzock. Two members of UAOH (the main organization of Ohranger) chase after the monster. The two UAOH Members introduce themselves. The other four members of Carranger come in then two other UAOH members come in. The UAOH members are Choriki Sentai Ohranger, and the two teams argue for a bit. The Carrangers Henshin, The Ohrangers want to wait to henshin but the say screw it and henshin without a pink ranger (that is until the OhPink/Momo/Zeoranger #1: Pink comes in). The two teams say their team names, and Sutatanzo goes back to the battlefield. The Carrangers and Ohrangers fight with pretty funny Dialouge, Yellow Racer's/Natsumi/Yellow Turbo Ranger/The chick who looks like MarzGurl line is the best. The two teams call upon their giant robos (RV Robo/Turbo Megazord and Ohranger Robo/Zeo Megazord).They fight, then the two red Senshi fight with their swords and guns. Bowzock joins the fight, and then a chase scene happens. Bara Mobile tells Red Racer of his plans to make car people and the car people look ridiculous (hence why I can't get into Carranger). Red Racer Realizes that Baranoia is the enemy. The two villain teams team up, and the two red senshi team up to destroy the enemy. The other Carrangers join up, OhRed/Goro/Zeoranger #5: Red chases after them, but his Motorcycle is flying. Sutatanzo reveals his plan to send cars flying faster with his new Gasoline, and he lights the gas on fire after shooting it at Carranger. After a fight scene, the Carrangers win round two. Red Racer tries to explain to the Ohrangers that OhRed is missing, but fails. Goro's stuck in the Bowzock lair, and the UAOH leader Miura recruits them to help get Ohred back. The Carrangers go through many obstacle courses and challenges at the boot camp to help prove their worthy. The Carrangers ride the Ohranger Robo to the Bowzock Base.The Carrangers (save for Red) get trapped and seemingly get forced to marry cars with Goro. Red Racer comes in and destroys the machine that makes people marry cars. The heroes return to Earth along with the Ohranger Robo, and it's roll call time. The two teams fight while the Carranger theme plays, AWESOME!!!!! CARRANGER, CARRANGER!!!! the Ohrangers and Carrangers call upon the Ole Bazooka/Zeo Cannon and Giga Booster/Turbine Laser respectively, and send the Monsters back to HELL!!!! But the fight's not over yet, Sutatanzo eats growth candy, while Bara Mobile uses his growth mechanism reminiscent of Sun Vulcan. The Carrangers call upon their VRV Veheicles to make the VRV Robo/Rescue Megazord, While the Ohrangers get back inside the Ohranger Robo, and a new Giant Robo comes in known as Norishiron Extra to fight. When times look bleek, Signalman comes in with Sirender/Robo Racer, It breast fires (like Mazinger Z) at the enemy. The fight continues and the three Mechs use their respective finshers on the enemy. The movie ends with the good guys partying.

Man, that combination has a little something for everyone, action for Ohranger fans, and Humor for Carranger Fans. That was one cute story.


I'm going to keep this section short because the only two new characters are monsters of the day. and they're hard to take seriously, Bara Mobile Wants to make car people, and SS Sutatanzo wants to take cars to a giant rubber band ball, I wish I was Kidding. Again the characters are the same as their respective series.


It's an episode of Carranger with Ohranger Elements in it, but even then, How could the Carrangers meet the Ohrangers when Ohranger wasn't formed until 1999 and Carranger was started in 1996. I'm not going any further since it's the same as Carranger or Ohranger.


Racing Squadron Carranger VS Ohranger is a pretty good team up, but not as good as Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Uchuu Keiji Gavan. I give this 3.25 VRV Robos out of 4.

YE: Good news: the Space ship is fixed. Bad news:  JewWario Left TGWTG. MORE BAD NEWS: FUEL TANK IS LOW!!!! And there's an asteroid COMING!!!!

AY: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours later...

AY: Where are we?

YE: Mars.


YE: NO!!!! I think this Planet's deserted. Let's look for a new fuel tank. AND MARZGURL'S HUMAN, NOT MARTIAN!!!!!

Meanwhile at an Undisclosed location on Earth...

???: Time for you to search for Anonymous Yoshi on Mars, am I right, Ihsoy Suomynona?

Ihsoy Suomynona: OK Master.

???: 3. 2. 1. LIFTOFF!!!!!!


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