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Wii U and Me



All 5 topics I'm covering this month are VIDEO GAME RELATED!!!! In the tradition of E3 in a few days. We're covering everything from caustic critic gamers, to Italian Plumbers, to blue hedgehogs, to meatheads in power ranger costumes from EVERY SINGLE DOD DERNED FPS GAME OF THIS ERA!!! This week we're covering...


Yep, Nintendo's next entry in the world of console gaming, but What do we know outside of that?

Well for starters It's going to have better graphics than the regular Wii. How much better is it you may ask yourself, Is it on par with the 360 and PS3? Better than that? Slightly better than the Wii? Who's right? Who's wrong? Who knows? No one has evidence to back their claims up. Do they? Basically the rumored price point is $300-$400 (more on that later). For that amount of money it better deliver a Kickass system. But with the games, I'm not sure if it can do that. As MarzGurl said on her formspring:

"Honestly, I buy video game consoles to play video games. I'm not going to be impressed by the Wii U until I see some demonstration of how well it games."

- Kaylyn "MarzGurl" Dicksion

Yep, she says, What makes a good console is good games. For a good little comparison, look at the Jaguar CD, It had less than 20 games and only like two or three of the Games were any good. Even the regular Jaguar with less than a hundred official games, only had a handful of good title. While the classic Wii had a bunch of good games (even through all the shovelware), and so did a lot of other Nintendo consoles. The only tittles that look the slightest bit interesting are The Mario game that's a continuation of the New Super Mario Bros. Sub-series of games, and that Zelda game which may look beautiful but it may just be another cel-shaded Zelda game just like Wind Waker (Which mind you was still a good game). It still has some titles announced but  it's all FPS Call of Duty trash you see on the 360 and PS3, But little does Nintendo know that the even the 360 and PS3 had tasteful games, even under that pile of crap.

Now on to pricing. Yep nobody knows that either, I'm hoping it's $300, because for all this cool stuff, you'll need a decent price. What do I mean by cool stuff, stuff like HD Graphics (better that the 360 or PS3), Better Online, a tablet controller, backwards compatibility with the Wii, and more. What guys like Michael Pachter and GameSpot don't know is that there's still a lot of mystery with the system, like Price, Games, Graphics, If Nintendo's goin' to survive after that if it fails, and many more.

Nintendo's in the crapper right now, Losing BILLIONS of dollars a each year for the past couple years. Why is this? Piracy? Resession? Does no one like Nintendo anymore? A combination of the three? Well the answer is...

Think of the Wii as a 1up. Nintendo need that 1up after the disappointing numbers of the GameCube (Which was a good system), basically the Screwed up at on level an lost a bunch of health and their 1up.

Folks, I love Nintendo, and I don't want to see them fall into the same fate Sega has. For over a decade Sega's been making compilation games and movie licenses up the @$$. And I don't want to see Nintendo fall on their faces like Sega has and see the mighty fall. So in order for The Wii U to avoid that future, they need a diverse lineup of games, Good marketing, and that little something to keep it alive long enough to become profitable.

Remember if Nintendo stops making consoles I'll stop playing Video Games

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Hopefully I end on a better note next time.

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