Saturday, May 26, 2012

Toonami, Again


#ToonamiIsBackB*tches.Yep you heard me right, Toonami IS coming back. What's it like, What are my thoughts on it, and How can we improve it? FIND OUT TODAY!!!!

Yep my expectations were way off, BUT I can see why. Think of this as the first season of Power Rangers. It was cheesy early 90s Power Rangers at it's finest.


As the series progressed it got such things as:

  • Better Equipment
  • The actual Monster Costumes
  • Higher Quality Acting and writing (proly from more experience) 
  • The Zord Costumes
  • and finally LORD ******* ZEDD!!!!!
This was all thanks to it's audience tuning in every time it was on. This is what can happen to Toonami, but more on that later.

Why were my expectations way off? Well it's because a good 2/3 of the actual lineup is Really a glorified Adult Swim lineup. Basically there's going to be:

  • 4 regular Adult Swim shows (2 that don't really fit in with the whole Toonami Thing)
  • Only 2 new shows
  • Limited Toonami stuff (Only simple Bumpers, no SARA, and really simple stuff)
I know budget constraints, low ratings for Non-Toonami Adult Swim, and it's just starting, but we can make this better by actually watching this on TV, not on Even If you don't have cable, Go to a friend's house THAT ACTUALLY DOES!!!! Hell, Buy the DVDs if you have to.

What's the Lineup:

11:00 PM cst: Bleach
11:30 PM cst: Deadman Wonderland
12:00 AM cst: Casshern Sins
12:30 AM cst: Ghost In The Shell: SAC
1:00 AM cst: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
1:30 AM cst: Cowboy Bebob

Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah. This line up isn't exactly perfect. For one switch Ghost in the Shell's slot with FMA's (better time slots work Best). Two, Why is Ghost and Bebob on this lineup when they're not exactly Toonami Esque shows. Replace Them with Durarara and Big O for all I care (I know you own the airing rights). Not to mention Both Ghost and Bebob were shown to ******* death. And 3rd WHAT IS CASSHERN AND DEADMAN WONDERLAND. Let me give you an introduction. I've never seen either show but from what I can tell, Casshern is basically is a reimagining of a 70s anime, and is what Kamen Rider whould be like if it was just as gray as almost every single DOD DERNED VIDEO GAME OF THE PAST GENERATION!!!! While Deadman is Dark and Gritty. I can see Williams street is trying to make the new Toonami all dark and gritty but if i  can make a suggestion...

Think about it.

So rememer tune in to Cartoon Network tonight @ 11:00 PM cst (Know your time zones) for TOONAMI!!!!

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