Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Super Gaming Bits #2: The Switch Saga Part 2, A More Cynical Look at the Switch #YearOfTheVideoGame

In This edition of Super Gaming Bits, I look at the Nintendo Switch, again, only this time, I'm not as generous, since they're putting their profits over their fans, The torture ends March 3, You're probably better off watching Logan (Releasing on the same day),  unless any of you cant't watch it for some reason, at leas there you'll get too see little girl with wolverine claws killing convenience store workers, and It's an actual complete work that, actually cheaper...

Please keep debate and discussion civil, No BSing, yes I know there's sound effects, and spikes in the audio, but my microphone hand, are Sh*t,  also this video is unscripted (#IWasTooLazyToWriteOneAttTheTime)...

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