Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My quick thoughts on The Lego Batman Movie

Yes, I'm well aware that I haven't produced a post this week, mainly due to writer's block, But my boss gave me a rain check and a 3 day grace period, Hope this works...

First off, if you're a parent of a young child (especially if he/she's autistic) and they want to see The Lego Batman Movie, if they haven't already, GO!!!!!!! just make sure you make time to stop at a park or (if it's not nice enough out) something without too many easily breakable objects, because, trust me, it'll make them EXTREMELY HYPER!!!!! Heck, I'm 21 (as of November 16, 2016), autistic, and feeling basically the same way only helped by my body, chair, a fidget toy, and the TV as Background noise...

Anyhoo, let's talk about the movie; This Film like it's predecessor, The Lego Movie, is essentially Lightning in a Bottle (again), because For one thing it took an idea that Shouldn't have worked (again like it's predecessor), but for another, to put it bluntly, it's essentially the right movie at the right time. Let's put it this way, this decade (so far), aside from the MCU, and MAYBE a few offerings from Fox (all of them being in the X-men universe), the superhero movie genre kind of needs an intervention, mainly due to 1)get them out of the Grim and gritty ghetto, as well as 2) get their ducks in a bunch. The DCEU is the most guilty of these 2 things, but some animators at Warner Bros. realized this and released this, enough introduction, back to action!!!

So when it comes mainstream superhero movies, there's 2 audiences, kids and continuity/easter egg obsessed fanboys in their 30s-40s, Lego Batman gets that and then some, heck it might actually be both the best Batman and best DC comics movie since The Dark Knight. Why? Because it honors the franchise's history and while still having fun with it. What's the film about? Basically Batman traps every Batman villain ever in arkham asylum, It gets a little slice of life-y for 10 or so minutes and a literal nerdgasm of fanservice after the first act happens,, Trust me, you movie buffs who've seen a lot of Warner Bros. movies and/or are really familiar with Batman through his almost 80 year history will love this, because it understands how to make fanservice mean something. The four main characters have Excellent chemistry, and you see them becoming more and more friends to each other, almost like a family. heck it even might make this post I posted all over my social media accounts even more topical. Basically it's just as funny as "The Lego Movie" (and for Comic/superhero fans even more so), and if you like that realistic look of the original, you'll like it here too, Final thoughts, the perfect Vatman fans of All ages, I give this 3.5 Bat Spaceships out of 4, you may think I ratted it lower than say a 3.75 is because there isn't enough DC (aside from Batman) material, but I really have to like a movie to give it that rating, and I have to LOVE it (like all time classic) to give it a 4. Make no mista...


Yoshiette 2: Sorry, just blew a fuse... I'm sorry bro, but you're going to have to do the whole review All over again.

A. Yoshi:F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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