Friday, February 3, 2017

A. Yoshi Show #7: Power Rangers Vs Super Sentai

In this edition of the A. Yoshi Show; I talk about Which "5 heroes in spandex  fight monster, then later a giant robot ends the fight" Franchise I Think is better. The answer may just surprise you, and Piss off a lot of fans too...

Warning: Salty Playground ahead in the comments

Debate and discussion are welcome, but act Civil, no flamewars or trolling, I have very low tolerance for this BS. Also There's some editing errors and I'm not using a great mic (basically I'm using a Guitar Hero Mic not being Helped By my body moving a lot thanks to a Medicine Change).

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Link To DailyMotion Version of the video (JIC Saban and/or Toei goes after this when THERE'S WHOLE SEASONS OF LICENSED TOKU FROM FROM ALL OVER THE WEB!!!!):

PS: did you know I Hate My Voice?

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