Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A. Yoshi Opinion Piece: #ShuffleTheGate (or why Zoe Quinn is a lying fraud)

Seriously, this chick's still a thing? and she's still an Attention Wh*re.... Yeah...

Before we begin, this is not me trying to condone or commit Harassment or Slut Shaming Quinn, Sarkeesian, or any other feminist/target of the anti-SJW community, this is just giving my thoughts on Zoe Quinn's tweets on Paper Mario Color Splash. What happened?

Zoe Quinn recently attacked Paper Mario Color Splash. The attack was based on a joke from the game that was taken out of context. The joke was from 2 separate moments of the game. One was related to 5 toads known as the 5 Fun Guys, and the second joke was Shufflegate: Exposed. She took it as an attack towards, GamerGate, which I said multiple times in the past and I'll say multiple times in the future, I don't care for anymore. The real problem with this is her taking it out of context. The joke was a Watergate joke, something that happened 4 decades ago. MAYBE IF YOU READ A HISTORY BOOK OR STAYED AWAKE DURING HISTORY CLASS, YOU'D KNOW WHAT THEY'RE REFERENCING!!!! I get that you don't like people making fun of your "Suffering", but whether if it was a jab at GamerGate or not, doesn't your moral authority strike, If you don't like it, don't buy it. Her reactions to the criticism is priceless, essentially playing the victim card when really she was the culprit. God, you're arrogant, and you're wondering why you're getting so much harassment. All I can say is put aside your ego for 5 minutes, and stop overblowing every little thing into a OCD rage fit.

I guess I could talk about Nintendo's response to the controversy, but they basically said "Really Guys? This is what you're making a big deal of?" Internet, Instead of focusing on how much it supposedly insults this cult. focus on how much it betrays the first 2 or 3 Paper Mario games. The only thing I have to give the Big N S**t for is how they referred to GamerGate as an online hate campaign... Yeah, I've got nothing.... People are sometimes stupid...


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