Friday, November 27, 2015

Manga Recommendation: Hinomaru-Zumou


Are you looking for a good Shonen Jump manga to read, and disappointed that Toriko's anime ended? THEN READ HINOMARU ZUMOU!!!!!

It's got a lot of things, from a kid trying to become a macho character, he's got surreal moves like Baki, Ring ni Kakero, and my favorite manga of all time, Kinnikuman. Ushio Hinomaru is a small kid who wants to become a Yokozuna, and meets various friends and enemies along the way. This manga deals with friendship, the prize of winning, the punishment of losing, and more. It's not as goofy as many other shonen jump series, but it's not quite as dark as City Hunter, Hokuto no Ken, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Sakigake!! Otokojuku, Great for people wanting to get into shonen manga, but don't want to deal with older series, Bishounen characters, or dark plots. The series is ongoing, and I have I hopes for the series. Go read this series, even if you're not into sumo wrestling, like a lot of my favorite sports manga (for their respective sports), like Kinnikuman. The biggest problem (if any) with the series is that the stakes aren't up to my liking, but the series is still young, and it could get more surreal... Read this manga, because if there's enough demand for it, it'll get licensed, and if there's even more demand for it it'll get an anime, admit it, you want an anime for this!!!! Sumo wrestling is not something we americans are into, but you don't have to be into the sport to get into it!!!!


I discovered this series by complete accident, I noticed the short spiky hair kid, and thought to myself, "There's now way this is a sumo manga..." and Now I want this series to be licensed by Viz...

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