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Anonymous Yoshi News Desk: May 2015

Welcome to the May edition of Anonymous Yoshi News Desk... Oh boy we've got good news, bad news, and just plain WTF news this month. From Power Rangers to Beyblade, here we go, count zero, Kamen Rider Agito.

Our first subject of today is Beyblade joins the anime live action movie trend. Look I (along with Moviebob) always said you can make a good movie out of anything. But I don't think the world is ready for Live Action Beyblade... Come on it'll be like if tomorrow, Sony announced a live action Sailor Moon Movie. Even I wasn't a big enough Sailor Moon fan back in 2010-2012 to say that could've worked, I still don't think it could work as a 19 year old in 2015.

In brighter anime news, we're getting a new Speed Racer anime. I like the reimaginings over the years, but there will always only be one version of speed racer to me, and that's the 60s series. It was a product of it's time, but it was still better than a lot of new animated shows today or back then), I'll probably watch it when it comes out, but not really follow it.

Also Digimon Adventure tri will be a film series, not a TV series. It should be able to do more with a bigger budget, Right? Sailor moon suffered the unavoidable problem of having been caught in the Uncanny Valley, which I talked about it's effect in gaming in my first blog many years ago, but it holds just as true for anime. Still there's a lot reboot anime in the works. Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Speed Racer, Devilman, Here's hoping for a Kinnikuman or Guyver reboot... oh, and May 9th is going to be Goku Day for years to come... So let's party next May...

In the realm of "Well that SUCKS!!!!" We've got the Power Rangers Movie delayed until January of 2017, I was looking forward to seeing that, but it'll come out the same year as Toy Story 4, and the New Spider-Man movie. That's a good thing, Right? RIGHT? Also the possible zords in the movie look like freaking Zoids. Who else remembers Zoids from the early 2000s... In other Toku News, Kamen Rider Ghost was trademarked. Wait didn't we already have a youkai theme in Ninninger this past year? Well June will debut Surfermaru in Ninninger, who looks perfectly ridiculous. and we get Type Tridoron in Kamen Rider Drive, who looks like a bulkier Type Speed. Look forward to Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, with cool looking designs for the new elements, and  Ninninger: The Dinosaur Lord's Splendid scroll, with a red barney, wait, what?

In the realm of movies you probably should avoid, we've got pixels, which still looks stupid, and Jem and the Holograms, which looks so bad, I only got through halfway of the trailer. Let's talk, No kid from the 90s onwards knows what Jem is, There's just been no toyline aimed at the kids at those ages, and the fans from the 80s will be insulted on how much it looks like generic pop star movie fodder.

In the realm of movies you should see next month, Jurassic World. That's about it...

In comic book related stuff, Go watch Daredevil, it's darker than anything in  the Marvel Cinematic Universe before it. It's got an epic serial story, villain of the episode elements, great action, and excellent production values. I'm not a big Daredevil fan, but it's a must watch for completionists of the MCU. It's a much better MCU TV series than Agents of Shield and Agent Carter because you at least get to see the Superheroes and actual bad guys from the Comics. and it actually isn't boring, it's on Netflix, go watch it...

In the realm of things you should get excited for, Nintendo is going to have a space in Universal Studios theme park. Some may see it as Nintendo using all their money to buy space at Universal, but they've got plenty in the bank, so they are allowed to buy whatever the hell they want. But hey, Sony's hurting more than the Big N at this point.

Lastly in the realm of Kickstarter, I'm excited for Yooka-Laylee. The spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie is something I wanted to see after Nuts and Bolts stole what credibility Rare once had, but alas game companies are either Going Mobile, Making Stupid Decisions, or Putting their games with so much AAA bloat that they don't feel like good games anymore, No wonder people are going indie or go home. Speaking of... Where's that new Shantae game or that Hat in Time game that was going to be released, did you suddenly forget about it?

Lastly They made the video I wanted to see in the last AYND. Look...

That's all for tonight, so happy 35th Pac-Man, so I'll end this segment properly...

This edition of Anonymous Yoshi's News Desk is brought to you by Yooka-Laylee... The Spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie, because where was this when Nuts and Bolt came out?

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