Saturday, February 14, 2015

My quick thoughts on Law & Order SVU: Intimidation Game

ATATATA!!!!! 2-Hit Combo!!!!

Dear NBC Universal, Never, Ever, EVER Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear we've got a dumb one...

I was never a fan of Law & Order any of the series, but after this insulting, laughably bad dreck, I'm probably never going to watch it unless someone in my apartment seems to be watching it, even then I doubt I'd actually be watching and paying attention to it. Yeah there's a reason I'm not into much live-action adult Televsion that doesn't come from Japan. So what's the damage report? At a local gaming convention in New York, a game developer is abused by fictional site Redchan users. and it follows an investigation to stop these crimin... I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, DO YOU CARE? DOES ANYONE SEEING CARE ABOUT HOW THIS ENDS UP!?!? Nothing is as cringe worthy as seeing this show trying to make a social statement, or even as a longtime gamer, how it depicts gamers. As for me I was a pro gamergater, then anti, then kind of neutral. Even as an actual episode, even the actors knew this was bad, they're barely even trying... One last thing, this episode uses the terms Social Justice Warrior and Feminazi like swear words much like how American Talk Show hosts use European, I'm not a big fan of those words either, but I know when and how to use them. THIS. EPISODE. CAN. LICK. MY. NUTSACK!!!!! This gets a 1 XBOX Controller out of 4, and the Official Anonymous Yoshi Seal of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! You can tell an episode sucks when the people that this episode was inspired by knows it sucks!!!!

I will use this episode's script to wipe me my team's asses with...

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