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Kinnikuman Retrospective: An Introduction (AKA My 20,000 View SPECTACULAR!!!!!!)

Well this sucks I'm stuck in a room with Duck Nukem while Joe Tokugawa's in jail, Yoshiette 1 is Prepping for a Victoria Secret photo shoot, and Yoshiette 2's watering pot...

Duck Nukem: Pots of what?

A. Yoshi: Not that kind of Pot!!!!

DN: Is it the Pot I'm Seriously thinking of?

AY: Ye....

DN: Yoshiette's Community Garden HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs to the garden*

Again, We here at Anonymous Yoshi don't condone drug use, but this is just a joke...
Aslo Apologies to any Parents who now don't Want to show their kids this blog, and for the kids who want to know what pot is, Ask your Parents...

Welp, Now I'm forever alone, So let's celebrate 20,000 views and Valentine's Day with the (blundering) super strong (wannabe) Lovable loser known as Kinnikuman...

If this character looks familiar, it should, he was in the M.U.S.C.L.E. toyline in the 80s and the cartoon Ultimate Muscle in the early 2000s (released originally in Japan as Kinnikuman Nisei) this all started in the late 70s as a goofy Ultraman parody manga by the Mangaka Yudetamago for the Manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump. It quickly developed to a wrestling manga based on the author's passion for wrestling. The story get's more and more compelling as the series goes on, this ain't no children's manga at that point, The action gets violent, the wrestlers crazier, and the fights more epic. As well as the normal Characters like Kinnikuman, Terryman, and Robin Mask, Some you'll learn as the series goes on, we have goofy characters like wrestlers based off of Rubik's cubes, Toilet Paper, a Famicom, and of course a walking talking Urinal...

What makes this my favorite manga of all time? Is it that it grows with it's audience? Is that it's a shonen trope setter? Is it the fights and characters? or maybe it's that it has a lot of similarities to Dragon Ball, Who knows? In 1983, the manga spawned not only an anime (plus 2 more to follow in 1991 and 2002) but a toy line as well (with most of the characters from the manga and anime). this Became the M.U.S.C.L.E. Toyline in the 80s. Unfortunately (despite it's brief success in 1986), it was a heavy burden on Mattel. and the line was only short lived. In 1998, Kinnikuman returned, in Weekly Playboy, as if putting it between pictures of naked girls wasn't a big enough turn off to kids, it also had more violence and sex. This was known as Kinnikuman Nisei and was the 2002 Kinnikuman anime. It was a tamer version of the manga and never lasted that long. It was dubbed by 4Kids (which wasn't that bad, it had some of the same humor and innuendos of the Japanese version), and the manga had a story arc that was a new series after the original series run. The original Kinnikuman took Nisei's place in 2011 and is still running today.

In this retrospective, I will be explaining and critiquing the 9 original story arcs, and maybe the extra bits put in between the end of Nisei and Kinnikuman's continued run. Those are...

  1. The Kaiju Fighting Days
  2. The 20th Chojin Olympics
  3. The American Tour
  4. 2nd Era of Kaiju Fighting/Bibinba/Planet Rakka
  5. The 21st Chojin Olympics
  6. 7 Akuma Chojin
  7. Golden Mask
  8. Dream Chojin Tag Tournament
  9. Scramble for the Kinniku Throne
Stuff I won't be talking about (SO DON'T ASK!!!!!)...

  • Kinnikuman Nisei (except for Kinnikuman VS Terryman)
  • The Perfect Large Numbers Arc (the Current arc)
  • Any small bits of Kinnikuman manga that aren't related to he main Continuity (except for Muscle Returns if that ever get's translated)
  • Anything in the anime not considered canon (no Psycho Chojin or Goku'aku Chojin arcs).
Stuff I MIGHT (emphasis on that Might) Talk About...

  • The Anime
  • Volume 37
  • Tatakae!!! Ramenman
  • Short stories found in the original run
  • The Movies
This retrospective is made to show how underrated this series is, How much I like the series, and maybe just a little to show how much I know about the series... But anyhoo, We begin this retrospective where it all began with The Kaiju Fighting Days... See you all May 29, which is a Friday the 29th and a Kinnikuman Day.

Happy singles awareness 20,000 day... Also Props to MistareFusion for inspiring me to make this series, by his own series of Dragon Ball Dissection...

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