Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gaming Bits: Series Preview

For almost 45 years, gaming has played a pivotal role in our lives, it helped people, it hurt people, it made people feel all kinds of things, This series will be talking about gaming history, gaming nostalgia, gaming series, gaming systems, Gaming Companies, games in general, and everything in between. I'l be talking about some of the systems of the late 90s/very early 2000s (Windows 9x and it's games, the Dreamcast, The N64 (REVISITED), Playstation 1, and maybe the handhelds of that era (Game Boy Color (REVISITED), Neo Geo Pocket Color, and the Japan only Wonderswan (Color))), I'll be talking some systems not many people know about (PC Engine/TurboGrafx, MSX/MSX2 Computer Systems, and the Japanese computers that birthed many franchises, ports, and little known companies like Nihon Falcom and Game Arts), I'll be talking about games from all eras and systems (like Pokemon for it's 20th anniversary in a year), I'll be talking about Companies that are interesting in one way or another, and most of all I'll be talking about anything and everything gaming.


I'm looking to a release sometime in May or June, if nothing else september, remember, Summer has lot's of movies coming out and the kinnikuman retrospective. but Look for ward to this series, on my blog, and Screwattack...

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