Thursday, September 18, 2014

Talking a bunch of Toku, Part 1

So, where did I go for the umpteenth time? I admit, when I do blogs, I want to make it something special, I want it to mean something, kind of the reason why I retried the big epic storyline, and also the reason R.Cubed is on hiatus. Not to mention I'VE BEEN BUSY!!!!!!!!! A mix of the two reasons caused me not to do a blog for almost a month, but anyway, On to the intro.

I get the feeling that I gave a more favorable review of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie than most people did, even fans. I'll say this about all the fans who don't like the movie, It's not a great movie by any means, It just isn't, but it isn't that bad, in fact It's not bad period, just one of those B- feature length toy commercial that Gen X and Y kids look upon with fondness that takes the back to the joys of childhood innocence. No different than Transformers: The Movie 1986, or the two good TMNT Movies from the early 90s. Regardless of how good the movie is compared to what people said on it, it is flawed, It's cheesy, the effects are worse than the show, but it's a relic of childhood nostalgia for a generation of PR fans. So if you don't like the movie, watch it again, and put things into perspective.

Next on the agenda, since I didn't talk about it in months, let's talk about how good or bad the big toku series are doing... ToQGer, still kind of juvenile at times, but I do like the 6th ranger and Hyper ToQ 1Gou, really rewards a deeper viewing. Gaim, really at the climax, Overlords defeated (kind of), gets more interesting as the series goes on, Kiwami Arms, interesting idea, but mixed results. Super Megaforce, Sucks, still going to suck, Legend War's going to be nothing more than a hyped up ratings trap (decent guess, even if I'm trying to keep an open mind on it), still ruining pre-MMPR Sentais. Looking forward to Kamen Rider Drive.

Another thing I want to talk about is I want to say I was a bit harsh on Beetleborgs in my early years of my blog, It's not good by any means, but it does have nostalgic value, great suit design, and it should be a different entity than B-Fighter, not to mention Metallix is actually pretty close to decent. Also I do stand by my opinion that Power Rangers: Turbo is underrated, It's not quite as good as some of the middle of the ground Disney Rangers stuff, but a lot of the problems fans gave with Turbo aren't exclusive to that season, not just in Power Rangers, but also in Sentai.

Regarding my Kamen Rider Reviews, I do like modern Rider series than modern Sentai, but I don't feel like my reviews of them don't do them justice, Heck they're probably my least favorite Toku reviews. There's very little filler in Heisei Era Kamen Rider series, Which is why I like it so much, I'm sorry, but not ever toku's going to get the Dairanger Review treatment.

I do also stand by the opinion that Garo and it's sequel Makai Senki are probably the best Toku I've ever seen, Not my favorite though (that goes to B-Fighter). That being said Makai Senki is the better series, but it's easy to see why it isn't talked much about, it's a slightly better version of an already good series, not much has changed between era, but both series do certain things right. That's all I have to say on the issue (if you want to call it that).

Finally, the big reason I wanted to do this blog.  A lot of people have a problem with the ending of Jetman, I admit it is a great payoff, and Gai is sort of the jerk of the team, so you want Ryu to get the girl. That being said, the Love Triangle thing doesn't totally work, and it's kind of a bitch that Gai got killed in the end, but it's your call whether the series ending works or not. Also Zyuranger, it's not that great, I was probably to kind on my initial thoughts on it. It's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, just you don't care for any of the main characters other that Geki, Burai, and Bandora. None of the other characters have much of arcs (so even after they defeat bandora, you're left asking your self "So what?"), but it's simplicity makes it a good beginner series, especially since the series is coming out on DVD in the US. Seriously, support it if you can, It'll convince them to do better Sentai like Dairanger, speaking of... Dairanger is my favorite Sentai series, and my favorite all time blog. The only major problem is Kou/KibaRanger, who is as annoying as FRAK!!!! I do stand by everything I said in the review, which is right here.

Next time, I talk about toku I've seen this past year, Including Liveman, Ultraman Ginga, Kyoryuger, and yes, even Kakuranger. 4-in-1 Toku Review next time.

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