Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, Time for new plans, and other updates.

MERRY NEW YEAR!!!!! BEEF JERKY TIME!!!!! So Yeah, I wanted one more blog out by the end of last year, which would've been a sort of year in review style thing, but since I doubt much of you care, not to mention I blogged myself out this year, I decided not to do it. I'm kind of going through a self doubt stage of my blogs, meaning that I want to do blogs, but the whole "X Person's Better Than Me Factor" is kicking in more and more. But here's the big change that's going to be happening this year.

The big change this year is I kind of want to take it easy this year, I already posted my blog plans for this year, but there's a chance Some of these movies might not be full reviews, but I might do a sort of Goodbye Kyoryuger, Hello Tokkyuger blog where I take a look a both series and state my opinions on them at the time of the first few episodes release, also I also Want to talk about my first thoughts on Super Megaforce when a few episodes past, but before I get to the Kakuranger blog, I'll discuss Jetman, Dairanger, and Zyuranger and points I might have not touched on before.

Onto THE BIG CHANGE (For Real), I don't really want to top 2013 in terms of scale on my blog, since I want to take it easy this year. so there won't be as many blogs this year, so don't expect big things from this blog this year. I'll still do a story arc I planned to do last month, but it'll probably be during the summer. I honestly don't know what to say other than less blogs, less story arcs, and smaller scale.

So that was kind of short, But I honestly don't know what else to say, If I can go of on a tagent to explain how my opinion has changed over time. First off, This. Gundam Build Fighters I stopped watching because it was too kiddy, Kamen Rider Gaim I'm still watching, but It's essentially the Poorman's Ryuki, At least Ryuki was Easy to understand and straightforward. Agents of SHIELD I stopped watching since it was boring and Still hasn't seen it's potential. It's Essentially The Avengers without what made Any of the movies good. Kyoryuger's You'll hear my full opinion later, but I'm not a big fan of it, but it wasn't made for people like me, and finally Power Rangers Megaforce, I'll get my full thoughts on it after Super Megaforce, but It was a Painfully average series, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I's prefer a Kalish Era Debacle over This, Yes They were bad, but they were bad in fascinating ways. While Saban Era II was boring, average, and forgettable.

Still Kind of short, Do yo want to hear how I almost Got engaged to Yoshiette 1?

Yoshiette 1: You know, I like being on a canoe in a Beautiful setting like this?

Anonymous Yoshi: Yeah, But It's freezing!!!!!!!

YE1: One more question before we go home.

AY: What is your Question?

YE1: Will you... Marry Me?

AY: Maybe.

YE1: That's not a Legitimate answer, It's a Yes or No question. No maybes or I Don't Knows.

AY: **** NO!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!


Yoshiette 1 comes out as a frozen Ice Block.


To Be Continued?

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