Monday, January 13, 2014

GIANT-SIZED Random Rubbish Roundup #2: 7 TOPICS!!!!!

So as you may or may not have figured out, January 2014 isn't the best month for blogs for me, I really want to get a super hero taisen z review out by the end of the month, I'm kind of behind on kyoryuger and kamen rider gaim, I want to watch more kamen rider 555, I want to be in good terms with than 20 something (figurative) alien Texan animation fangirl I can't remember the name of by her birthday (which is in 2 weeks from now), and I've got 7 topics ready to go for the second giant sized R.Cubed, what are they? Find out today.


Alright, first and most relevant things first, Pokemon Bank got delayed indefinitely due to Nintendo e-Shop outages after Christmas. After all the fake Pokemon twitter feed tweets, and hoaxes regarding the possible release date, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a fake website to troll people into thinking that Nintendo actually got their heads out of their asses, and released a website for Pokemon Bank. For those of you who don't know, Pokemon Bank is a cloud storage system for Pokemon, where you can put Pokemon in out of game boxes, and transfer Gen V Pokemon to Gen VI games, but for what it's worth they've better release a limited time extended free trial or a special Pokemon with an exclusive something.


RIGHT NOW THIS IS FILLED WITH RUMORS, SO DON'T BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE!!!!! So, Man of Steel 2 is having more and more DC Heroes in it. First Ben Affleck as Batman, then Gal Gadot ad Wonder Woman, and now either Denzel Washington or The Rock as Green Lantern (AND BEFORE YOU ASK, YES THERE WAS A BLACK GREEN LANTERN, HE WAS THE ONE IN THE JUSTICE LEAGUE CARTOON). This has me worried, because They're rushing the DC Cinematic Universe to Beat Marvel to the Punch. But this should be interesting at the least, Man of Steel looks like It's going to be Justice League's Prequel more and more, but The real question is, how will the characters be used? Find out in a year from July. Besides, It shouldn't be as bad as that Ryan Renolds adaptation from a few years back.


Short Version: Space Dandy is one of Toonami's better shows, and It's great to see Toonami Start a whole Half-Hour Earlier. Long Version: Space Dandy May have a lot of fanservice, But the way I see it, It has potential for a bunch of Sci-Fi references, Great action, and with an all star anime staff, It should be interesting. So what's it about? A goof ball space captain named Dandy goes on adventure for new galaxies, aliens, robots, and Sexy blue ladies, It's real clever with good action at times, One of Toonami's better shows. So I can't wait to see more. I give this 3 intergalactic restaurants out of 4.


After A December of no updates, Sailor Moon 2014's coming out on July of this year. And It has staff members who have experience with Magical Girl shows, but the bad news it's little girl shows, I would've loved to see an anime with the staff from Madoka Magica, but It would've lost the Young Girls demographic who made Sailor Moon popular. There's one thing that you should know about TV show franchise Demographics, and that's never change the  demographic of a show, because it almost never works. Also It's not going to be a remake of the Sailor Moon anime, all that aside, It'd better get released then, and Not SUCK!!!!!!!!!


Gaikai got Retooled as Playstation Now, so now You can play PS1, PS2, And PS3 games on your PS4, and PSP games on your Vita, it should have been implemented on the PS4 in the first place so you wouldn't have to be charged extra for Backwards compatibility, and you could play the entire Playstation Legacy Library, and I'm aware that the Cloud is coming, but it's not ready yet, and it won't be fully implemented until at least 20-30 years from now. But I hope this is baby steps, and not rushing into this just to see the future now. besides, HAS SONY LEARNED ANYTHING FROM THE PSN OUTAGE OF 2011?!?!


Ever since the dawn of Paypal, people have been thinking of creative ways to ask for donations, and I don't have a problem with that, as long as it's within reason. But this? It's not something I'm not invested in. Basically, people pay a regular tip to content producers they like and they get exclusive content, but I don't know what to think of it, there's people I like there, there might be more of them soon, but I don't see myself donating money to producers that often, I see it as a very occasional thing. I know I don't have to do it, but I'm not invested in it. (AND NO IT'S NOT EXACTLY E-BEGGING, BUT IT IS STUPID)


I know I'm late, but Zelda With Dynasty Warriors, yeah... I don't know what to think of this. It's zelda, But You go BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB, AND YOU'VE GOT A 500 HIT COMBO!!!!!! I'll be honest It does have action, but Lacks Puzzles and adventure, Then again this isn't the Zelda Wii U game we want. So I may or may not buy it. Just wait until there's more news on it. In the mean time, Super Smash Bros Might come out this summer, or winter (SOMETIME THIS YEAR!!!!).

Man that was tiring, now I hope the crew isn't mad at me that I essentially killed Yoshiette 1.

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