Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel review... Does it Live to the hype?

What can be said about Superman that hasn't already been said? He's been the most recognized superhero for the longest time, sure that honor has been given to Batman over the past few years, but still that doesn't excuse the fact that The Man of Steel hasn't been in a universally loved and particularly memorable movie since the 70s, There's no question that the original Superman movie that changed the game forever, No Superman '76, No Batman. No Superman '76, No Spiderman. No Superman '76, No Avengers. With all of that said, Does the Newest Superman movie live up to all the Hype it's gotten, or is it as forgettable as Superman returns?


OK, I'm going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, so here we go. Krypton is dying, so an infant Kal-El is sent to earth,  General Zod and his goons gets power hungry and gets sent to the deep reaches of space. When Kal-El get's to earth and lands in Smallville, Kansas, He's adopted and gets the name Clark Kent. As he grows up, he Learns he has superpowers in various ways. He later gets the Superman suit, and he has to fight the ultimate evil which turns out to be Zod and his team. Superman doesn't get mentioned as Superman throughout the whole movie, also this is an abridged adaptation of superman's early days, so no Lex Luthor and no Kryptonite. Not to mention this film's darker than the classic Superman, so that might be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it, but keep in mind this is a different take on Superman, just like how every single adaptation of Batman was to the comics. My big problem with this movie is that it feels more like a drama unlike the classic Superman movies. I'm not saying this can't work, just look at the First two of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, but the bigger problem is that it both tries too hard to live up to the Dark Knight legacy, and tries to mix something that doesn't go on as well as expected, at least not to me. But if you want a different Superman, look no further.


Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El is the classic Superman we all come to know and love, powerful, likable, and badass as all hell, but The movie doesn't to a particularly good job of showing his badassery (more on that later). General Zod is Superman's equal, a more badass version of him. You know even though Superman is supposed to be the star of the movie, I find that this character steals the show, He seems to be more developed villain than Superman is a developed hero, He really fuels the action scenes with Superman (What little there are of them). Lois Lane, along with most of the Daily Planet cast is just there, Only being there just because they have to be there. But these characters lack the heart of The comics, the Cartoons, The original movies, and whatever else.


My biggest problem with this movie is that it lacks in action Scenes, It feels more like a drama with Superman in it than an actual superhero movie. When there is action, It's great, But It just feels like Avengers had a better balance of action and drama. The soundtrack is nowhere as memorable as the John Williams score. The film looks great, but as I said, a film can look great, but feel like a piece of crap in all other areas. Just saying.


Short answer, not really, Don't get me wrong it's a pretty good movie once you accept that it's a different Superman, but It feels to much like a drama than anything else. I get the feeling It wants to be like the Dark Knight, but the material and style doesn't mix well. So I give it a 3 Superman Logos out of 4.

Well that's it for today, so Next time, anything I feel like doing.

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