Saturday, December 8, 2012

The VGAs Sucked, but did they really suck that bad?

Ah yes the VGAs, The biggest night for how Spike TV sees You, as in you as a gamer. Yes the show sucked (more on that later), but was it really that bad? Think about it for a while, was it any worse than the past installments?

Before we get to the blog let's touch on a few things that happened in the news recently, Some a bigger deal than others...

Yeah, I'm well aware the twinkie is no more, but is it worth it to obsess about it? I mean it's one thing to save a week old Twinkie box just to save it as a collectible, but do you really have to sell a twinkie box for thousands of dollars just to profit? At least wait a couple years just for the hype to build up? Wait for the hype and nostalgia to build up. I have no problem with people selling discontinued foods on the internet, but what I have do have a problem with is that people are seeing how naive people are just to make a quick buck. But who knows, This auction could be 100% legit, but even if it was legit, it still makes no sense, Some places might still sell real twinkies.

Second order of business, THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END THIS MONTH!!!! Just wanted to make this perfectly clear. Seriously how can people be this stupid. The post popular theory is the Mayan's. The Mayan ends every 20 or 30 years which means by their own logic, the world would have ended in the 80s or 90s already. Seriously 1/1/2000 came and went, nothing happened, 5/21/2011 came and went, nothing happened, and guess what the 21st is going to come and go, and nothing's going to happen, People are just paronoid. This thing's no better than the Kony 2012 scam, seriously there's interesting videos and articles people are missing on both subject matters that people are missing because people like to be scared apparently.

3rd and final thing before we get to today's subject matter, Yes I have been paying attention to the whole MarzGurl VS Celibacy & Anadin thing longer that I probably should have. For those who don't know what happened, basically a Tumblr... I wouldn't call him a troll, just someone who treats his opinon like fact known as ff3366 attacked Kaylyn for being an "E-Beggar", When in reality she was just ASKING, not BEGGING or DEMANDING (Look up those words in the dictionary). I was not trying to white knight MarzGurl my post (since she's a grown woman and can protect herself), but I was trying to tell the guy he was wrong about the post he made, and I probably got blocked by him by now for criticizing him.


Yes the Show SUCKS, but was it really that bad? First off Spike TV sees us as 30 something, single, overweight, Piglets who like only the "finest" of M-rated military machismo. Seriously, if we want the media to take us seriously, we have to play more than EA's next $60 roster update, or Activision's next Military Machismo FPS Map Pack Delivery System. Not to mention all the CURSING!!!! I was so tempted to play this clip when they started dropping the F and S bombs. It was really annoying to see all the video game skits from games like Minecraft and Call of Duty, proof Spike TV's Audience will laugh at almost ******* anything There were more trailers in the show than there were awards given. Hell I'm pretty sure there was too many musical numbers in the damned thing. I don't care how beautiful some of them were, most of them were unnecessary. And why haven't they put half the awards on the actual show, Just Wondering. Now let's get to the good about the VG....




I'm sorry, where was I? Ah yes, The good about the VGAs. Well at least they tried to make this more than just aimed at the normal Spike TV viewer. They put more video game stuff than last year (or previous installments), I was going to do this blog last year, but I got caught up with other stuff relating to the internet, Those who weren't under a rock at that time know exactly what I'm talking about. Back on Subject, They at least tried to make this the Biggest and Best Spike Video Game Awards installment yet. The biggest problem with the VGAs in the past is that they had more to do with Spike TV shows than Video Games, but not as much this year, Sure there was the occasional celebrity moment but they were more subtle about it this year. We all know that the VGAs are essentially a popularity contest, but I have a feeling the people got more taste this year since The Walking Dead Video Game won Game of the Year, and Call of Duty and Halo didn't win as much awards as I was expecting, Considering the Show's audience. But the VGAs still need a 3rd party vote just to have more legit vote. Just Saying.


The VGAs weren't as bad as I was expecting this year. Sure They still sucked, but at least you get the sense they tried this year. I give this Awards show 2 Minecraft Samuel L. Jackson character models out of 4.

Now back to watching more Kamen Rider Kabuto. See you next time.

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