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Kamen Rider Kabuto Review



Yoshiette: Wait a sec, WHAT!?

Anonymous Yoshi: Today's Doomsday.

YE: You're Dead Bitch!!!!

One excessively long fight later...

YE: Wake up Yoshi, Time to review.

AY: What are we reviewing today?

YE: B-Fighter Kabuto

AY: *Rubs coffee of of card* I'm pretty sure we're reviewing KAMEN RIDER KABUTO!!!!

Ah yes, Kamen Rider Kabuto, One of the best KR series in the Heisei era (at least to some) if not the best in the entire franchise. It has drama, bug like aliens, a concept similar to the B-Fighter series, monsters, gritty violence (because most people in Japan don't mind that in Kids shows). But is it really as good as anyone who watched it says? Find out Today...


In 1999, A meteorite hit the Shibuya disctrict in Tokyo releasing a set of alien monsters called worms, They can mimic any human as their human form. A young man known as Souji Tendou, was training hard until 2006 for the day that he would get the Kabuto Zecter and become KAMEN RIDER KABUTO, He starts out in his masked form then he can Cast Off and change into his rider form, He wasn't originally from the organization known as ZECT (who created the Zecters), so for as good chunk of the series, they want him dead or alive. He's joined by More riders like TheBee, Drake (Dragonfly), Sasword (Scorpion), Gatack (Stag Beetle), Punchhopper, and Kickhopper. All the riders can Cast off, Clock up (where they can go faster than any human), and have a rider finisher, Like Kicks, Shooting, Stings, and Slashes. Later in the series Kabuto also get's a Hyper form, which is like a more streamlined and necessary battlizer. EVEN LATER in the series, Kabuto also get's a Perfect Zecter (which is more of a sword), and once he get's it he get's sent to another dimension after he uses it to face Kamen Rider DARK Kabuto. He pretty much wipes the floor with regular Kabuto. Kamen Rider Drake faces Uca Worm (one of the main villains of the show), and ends up killing one of his harem ladies. ZECT get's more concerned about worms in Tokyo, so they invent ways to find out who the real worms are (like anti-mimic bombs and color changing necklaces). An even Higher head of the worms comes in known as the Cassis Worm, He pretty much OWNS The Riders by making their clock up useless, But Kabuto Defeats the worm in round 1 by turning the Perfect Zecter into a Gun, and as Linkara said, swords that transform into guns are AWESOME!!!! Cassis comes in for round 2 and absorbs rider powers to own the other riders, But that doesn't stop a triple rider kick from sending him STRAIGHT TO HELL AGAIN!!!! Now it's time for the final round, He now can clone himself and Big surprise he get's owned quicker than last time. Another life is sacrificed when Scorpio Worm (Who's actually Sasword) get's defeated by Kabuto.  Tendou goes mad and starts killing everybody, and the final chapter begins, Masato Mishima, Who's one of TheBee users, turns into Gryllus Worm. He defeats Dark Kabuto and the final battle begins. After a great fight, A DOUBLE RIDER KICK SENDS HIM STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!! 1 year later... Nah... I'm not going to spoil the rest for you.

Damn, that was one hell of a story. That's only part of it, see the rest.



Souji Tendou AKA Kamen Rider Kabuto is the hero, as badass as always. He is based off the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle, and his bike can turn into a off road vehicle once it cast offs. Arata Kagami AKA Kamen Rider Gatack is the sidekick, He also serves as kind of the Comedy Relief. Like Kabuto He can Rider Kick, but he also uses Rider Cutting. His bike can change into a glider a la MegaRanger. Kamen Rider TheBee (AKA the Rival) is used by multiple users, like Sou Yaguruma/Kamen Rider KickHopper, Shun Kageyama/Kamen Rider PunchHopper (both of which are hardly worth mentioning as the Grass Hopper Rider Duo bullcrap thingy), and Masato Mishima, They can sing their opponents to death. Daisuke Kazama AKA Kamen Rider Drake is the one with a Huge harem. He uses Rider Shooting. Tsurugi Kamishiro AKA Kamen Rider Sasword is the rich man, he uses Rider Slash. He's also Scorpio Worm. Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto is the evil doppleganger of Kabuto.


The worms are like zoanoids, they take the form of other humans. They're based off of bugs, even though some of them resemble who they're supposed to more than others. Uca Worm is the first Final boss in the series, but sadly the one that get's the most screen time, even though she's not the big bad. The next big boss is Cassis worm. He's more powerful than any of the riders, so why can't we have him for more screen time. And Hiyori Kusakabe is the girl Who wants to be to chef she knows, but she's also a Worm known as Sisyra Worm. She's one of the Native Worms, who chose not to attack humanity.

These look like interesting characters, and that's not all of them.


The special effects are great just look at them an you'll see. The music insert song they put in fight scenes is also pretty badass. the fights are fast paced like most Heisei era Kamen Rider Series. The costume designs are so great you could spawn a toyline that has nothing but Kamen Rider Kabuto Monsters (also other cool looking Kamen Rider Monsters). Someone deserves a good pat on the back for the monster designs.


If you want to get into Kamen Rider, Or toku in general, this is a good place to start. This is one of the best toku I've watched.

I Give this 4 Kabuto Zecters out of 4.

Next time... The Kamen Rider Kabuto Movie. See you then.

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