Sunday, October 7, 2012

Top 5 Toku More People Should Sub.

Ah yes, Toku month is Back with a top 5 list. For all of our Sentai Series, Kamen Rider Series, and Garo Series, there's the toku most people seem to overlook, Like Ultraman and Metal Heroes. Here's a top 5 of Toku more people should sub.

Before we begin, this list is all opinion based, nothing official, and don't throw a fit if your favorite isn't on the list, in fact, i'm curious to see your top 5 toku that hasn't been subbed much lately/hasn't been completed by subbing companies (Legally or... Yeah, let's just get to the list). No links to protect my ass from getting sued.

I do not in any way endorse piracy, but the problem is that Toei is to afraid to market Tokusatsu Outside o Japan, so until they get their heads out of their asses, and get people to watch toku here, we have to do this or wait. :(


This is basically like a Guyver Tokusatsu. You know how much I love the Guyver OVA. So basically this corporation known as Crown takes martial artists and turns them into monsters, and martial artist Gou Kazama has to fight them. It's a mix of Guyver, Metalder, and Fist of the North Star. There was a subbed version of the toku, but it's unfinished, and there hasn't been any updates on it. But it looks like a fast paced toku that should be subbed.



NO! The sentai from the 80s that features cars.

That's dumb.

I know but it's better than Carranger/PR Turbo.

Yep, if you get a speeding ticket after you watched this, it's definitely worth it because this team of teenagers with attitude...

Wa wa wa.


This toku premiered in 1989 and was the original teenagers with attitude. So this team face The Boma Tribes and then get summoned by fairies to do battle with them. This is much better than Carranger, which was to much parody and not enough... something. Seriously, this is fast paced and awesome. If you liked PR Turbo or Carrranger, this is a good watch. I personally think Harorangers should sub it after Carranger, which is estimated time of happening, 5 years from now. ****!!




This toku is like Bioman, but with more space travel. Both relate to science, both have aliens assisting them, and both have similar costumes. So 5 infants were kidnapped by aliens in 1966 and in 1986 they head to earth and they have to fight Mess to stop them from from taking over the Galaxy. GUIS (Grown Ups in Spandex) should really sub this after they're done with Bioman. Again NO LINKS!!!!! Sorry.


Just watch this theme and compare it to this...

That's all the proof you'll need.


Ah... B-fighter, My personal favorite tokusatsu, This needs a complete Subtitled version. Gaohm comes to earth with his 3 servants, Jera, Schwartz, and Gigaro. 3 college student become Blue Beet, Green Stag, and  Reddle and fight the Super Sentai style. Speaking of why isn't there more subs of metal hero series, other than space sheriffs. SCREW RANGERS AND RIDERS!!!! WE WANT METALLIC WARRIORS, DOD  DERN IT!!!! WE DON'T WANT GO BUSTERS AND WIZARDS, WE WANT JIRAIYA, METALDER, JANPERSON, AND OF COURSE, HEAVYSHELL B-FIGHTER!!!!  METALLIC, BEETLE-LIKE, AND BADASS, B-fighter should be seen by more toku fans.

Fun bit of trivia, Did you know that the artist who does most of the soundtrack for B-Fighter is done by a personal favorite of mine, Shinichi Ishihara. He also did themes for the Guyver OVA, GoGo V, and Kamen Rider Agito.

Well that was my top 5 list. Next time Ultraman Mebius and The Ultraman Brothers.




  1. Black RX has been given Subtitles. But for the rest of the list, yeah, I agree. Especially on the metal hero side of things

    1. Well GUIS cancelled their's and unless you can find a company (legit or not) that completed it or is in the process of it, my point still stands.

  2. Evolution and Hikarisenshi did a joint project for Turboranger. But Kira takes to much hay on his pitchfork as always and I don't think they'll finish up soon.

    I hope that Hi No Tori will get back to B-Fighter now that Ultraseven is getting an offical release