Saturday, February 4, 2012


In late 2010/early 2011, a new fandom was started among college-aged and 20 something males. That fandom is...


This is a fandom I'm personally a casual fan of. But I do have some major beef with the fanbase. My main beef with the fanbase is that it just feels creepy in a sense. When I say that, I mean that men in their 20s arguing who they like better, Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash (two characters in a cartoon originally made for LITTLE GIRLS), Up to the point where your buying MLP figures, and having stop motion videos of them fighting in a WWE ring, thaz pretty derned creepy. Seriously give those figures back to the girls.

Come to think of it, I wonder if Irate Gamer is a brony.

My second major beef with the MLP:FiM male fanbase is that the fanbase is just plain crazy. Seriously most of them complain if you're not a brony. Some people complain if you are a brony they just say "OMG YOU'RE A BRONY, YOU MUST DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!". GOOD GOD PEOPLE, YOU'RE CRAZIER AND MORE IMMATURE THAN THE SONIC FANBASE!!!!! My good YouTube friend CDiFan237 is the definition of a good brony, He's not too crazy, obsessive, or immature, but for every good brony, therez *Insert Large Number Here* of people who are obsessive, crazy, and immature about a cartoon that was NEVER aimed at them.

Is this cartoon  a sign of things to come, because are we going to see girly cartoons like Rainbow Brite, and Sailor Moon to brought back to life with SpongeBob style adult humor (more on that blurb later).

Why is it that it's always the series (like MLP:FiM) that introduced you to a particular franchise thaz always the only one thaz any good. I like Transformers: Beast Wars, but I also like  G1 Transformers. Personally I think that there hasn't been a particularly great Transformers anything since Beast Wars, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy some of the other series. But do you have pull the Ruined Forever alarm when ya see something small like Prime as munky, not a trukk an haz to ruin your taste in any of the TF series, seriously you know nothing about Transformers. These are the same people who think that Mountain Dew didn't get popular until Halo 2 came out. Look, Mountain Dew was always popular, if you still don't think so, think Mello Yello, Surge, Kick, Code Red, and LiveWire.

Another good example is the Guyver, Which is what you would get if you crossed Kamen Rider or Power Rangers with Resident Evil. I like the original OVA over the Bioboosted Armor TV series because of it's large amounts of consistent and fast paced action. Is that really a reason to hate the Bioboosted Armor series.

Some even hate the original OVA because it covered less of the story and followed the manga less closely. Is that a good reason to hate that series. Again:

I could go on with different fanbases like Star Wars, GI Joe, Final Fantasy, and Power Rangers, but I'd be stating points I've already stated. So that's all, see ya next time, peace.

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