Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ladies in Anime and Video Games

Did we all have a nice new year and holiday season. If so,


So where did I go?

Short version, My personal life was bothering me so I didn't have time to post a blog post last month. Longer more specific version, I've been busy With Christmas, New Years and other stuff that caused me to get more busier than I had room for. Much Internet time posting anything was spent with the recent still pending bill vote. For those who follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But it has been almost a month so hopefully that was a good explanation.

TL;DR: I've been busy with random stuff, so blog post are going to be monthly rather than weekly.

So onto the subject you all care about:

OK the story is video games usually depict women as scantily clad, disproportionate, yet beautiful fantasies of young white men.

Here's the lifespan of the average gamer.

Between 1977-1981: Gamer was born
Between 1980-1986: Most early gaming was spent in the arcades so 4-10 year old gamer got addicted there.
1986 or 1987: 6-10 year old gamer got a Nintendo  and played it at least until 1991.
1991 or 1992: 10-15 year old gamer owned either a SNES or a Genesis, played it at least until 1996, and developed a crush for Chun-Li or Cammy.
Between 1996-1998: 15-21 year old gamer got a PS1, played it until 2001, discovered anime, developed an obsessive crush on either Lara Croft, Nina Williams, Jill Valentine, Sailor Moon, Ryoko, Misty, or Tifa Lockhart.
Between 2001-2003: 20-26 year old gamer gets a PS2 or an XBOX, Plays it until at least until 2006, and either keeps there obsessive crush but more obsessive, or moves gets a new crush on Rikku, one of the DOA girls, Ivy, Mai Valentine, Sakura Haruno...

Stop right there, Y'see what I'm getting at, It get's worse and worse, And that's just for the gamer.

But for the actual girls in the games and anime, they get skimpier and skimpier outfits & more and more disproportional bodies until they look like they belong on the cover of a gentlemen's magazine. And what do the fans do, They Don't Care, they just buy figurines and posters where the girls are posing in Bathing suits and Lingerie. Seriously guys, if you ditched your GF just because she didn't  compare to the girls in your figurines, just do something more worthy of your time, like hitting your head on the wall a hundred times.

And to the people complaining about the use of anime and video game females:


No not just that:


If you get to have bikini clad blonde anime girls holding a beach ball and having lily on their heads, they get to have their werewolves who look like they can't keep their shirts on for more than five minutes in public.

It's perfectly normal  to have a figurine or a poster of an anime ore video game girl in your room as long as you don't turn it into an obsession. just remember that my male audience.

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