Sunday, January 1, 2017

A. Yoshi's Annual New Years Update 2017 #YearOfTheVideoGame

What's going on in the Yoshiverse for the first part of 2017?

1. I'm Trying to decrease my Blog output for 2017 just so 1/4 or higher of my overall work didn't happen in one year...
2. Gaming Bits'll come out faster (At least faster then say last year #SCREWYOUTRUMP) later this year.
2.5. You Might see Gaming Bits videos (working title "Super Gaming Bits" on my channel, along with dailymotion, and
3. Kinnikuman Retrospective will continue in January just need some rest.
4. The JoJo Review (AKA JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Report Cards)
might be coming soon along with a A. Yoshi Show on the Power Rangers Reboot When it comes out.
5. #YearOfTheVideoGame will be my yearly hashtag for this year...

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