Friday, January 20, 2017

A. Yoshi Show #6: How I'd do a Kinnikuman Anime Reboot

In this episode of The A. Yoshi show, I talk how I'd do a Kinnikuman reboot. The original manga was great, but I feel that some people don't want to go to scanlation sites, want to go bittorrent, not to mention, some people don't want to read such a long, goofy comic requires patience to get to the good parts (though I do kind of address this in the actual video). The anime may have movement, emotional moments, etc. but it has so much pointless filler, More importantly some people don't watch on shady anime streaming/download sites for the anime. I don't know about you, but I'd want this anime Dub Ready, because the 80's anime is probably going too old to do anything by Funimation or whoever to do a dub...

Debate and discussion are welcome, but act Civil, no flamewars or trolling, I have very low tolerance for this BS.

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