Friday, September 9, 2016

My Top 5 Metroid Bosses

Even if Nintendo has screwed over the metroid franchise in the past decade, it still is a marquee Nintendo franchise, always has been, and always will be...What's an atmospheric action adventurer without great bosses. Metroid has always had great bosses. From Giant alien mutant lizard thingies, to pterodactyl/Lizard hybrids. These bosses didn't get epic until Super Metroid. But here are my top 5 metroid bosses.


This  boss allows you to fish for a lava creature, and it made great use of the grapple beam. You were in a room filled with lava and you had very little land to go with. This boss made great use of the Wiimote, and the first person mechanic. Other M may've been a disappointing game, but some of the bosses were creative, big and amazing, hey at least it's better than federation force, amirite pplz? Ah screw it, No one's listening.


This was a beast of a boss for a handheld game, and her appearance in Other M on the wii was even beastlier. You had explode the Metroids that came from her eggs, then you had to explode her crystals, after that, you had to use the grapple beam and the morph ball into her stomach and turn her to SPACE DUST!!!!! This was a worthy upgrade from handheld to console, even if this 7th gen console was more of an overclocked 6th gen console.


This started out as the regular Mother Brain from Metroid Classic, But she grew big, grew a body, and fired lasers out of her eye. This was The biggest boss fight in the series up to that point. The baby metroid from earlier in the game grew up and sacrificed it's self to beat this SOB. You got the hyper beam, and you had to escape the planet before it self destructed. This was probably the most Iconic fight in the entire series, but 2 are better than this...


Emperor Ing had a little bit of everything, a crisis between 2 worlds, puzzle solving, shooting, and he was one big ass MF. The first phase had a lot of shooting, the second had spider ball puzzles, and the 3rd had both elements in one. You had to destroy the cocoon, destroy the  monster when it releases from it, and go on the monsters husk and destroy the monster completely... This was one heck of an epic boss fight, but one offered more excitement out of me...


This had you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire fight. it was fast paced, had a cool design, and took everything that made ridley fights great in the past and amped it up to 11. You used your morph ball, and had to fire all you got in this fight. Ridley was flying in the sky and breathing fire in the first half of the fight, and using his shining metal fingers to destroy you, It was epic, may've not had as much puzzle solving as say Emperor Ing, but it was so fast paced, and was a great penultimate fight before metroid prime...  There's a reason he was in Brawl's story mode as the final boss before heading to subspace.

Those were my top 5 metroid bosses, I do apologize for the lack of  2D bosses, but the 3D Bosses were much better. I'm curious to see your top bosses of the series. Comment down below... Also did you check out The A.Yoshi Show yet?

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