Saturday, July 23, 2016

My quick thoughts on Ghostbusters 2016...


After the sexism claims and all the backlash. the new ghostbusters is finally out, and it's... average. and spoiler: It wasn't as good as the original not because of the all female cast, It was average because....

It was forgettable. nothing stood out about the movie, it tries to be too big but ends up looking too cheap. Granted I got a chuckle a few times, but out of the 8 people in the theater, one was laughing the whole time (my friend), and even he thought it was average. The chemistry with the four female leads really works, but they don't have any personality to them. I liked Chris Hemsworth's character, he was pretty funny, sadly all the really remarkable stuff ends there. The final fight is supposed to be this big avengers style new york destruction fest with easter eggs throughout the entire battle, but the effects look just as phony and awkward as the Scooby Doo movies from 14 years ago did when they were new. I would argue even more so, because the special effects people were still learning, not to mention the budget was a lot lower than a lot of big budget hollywood films. Now they don't have that excuse, they had 3 decades to master CGI, and a $150,000,000 budget to boot. Yes it was cute to see that easter egg when the villain was to reveal his final form, and I liked the 3 living original Ghostbusters cameos, but as far as cameos go, this isn't any Stan Lee. they could;ve been played by extras and I wouldn't have known the difference. Overall this movie's bland, forgettable, and super lame. but it doesn't get a lower than 2 stars, it gets a 2.25 Ghostbusters Logos out of 4, I almost wish this was bad on the levels of the Batman V. Superman so I can at least riff it.

Look out for a Power Rangers Reboot trailer review as soon as it comes out within the next few days (if it does), Until then if there's something strange in the neighborhood, who'ya gonna call? A. YOSHI!!!!!!

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