Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Did we all have a nice new year yesterday? Well I could be talking about MAGFest right now, since almost everyone in the Reviewaverse is going, but guess what... I CAN'T!!!! You know why? Because I'm broke, It's like a good day away, and I can't find time in my busy schedule to actually do it. You know WHY I want to be at MAGFest? 1. To get my Picture taken with MarzGurl and JesuOtaku. 2. Because I'm Bored as ****. 3. To party HARD!!!! Yeah this could be an angry rant on Not going to MAGFest, but I'd be wasting your time so let's talk about the Future of my Blog, Again.

First order of Business. Yes, I'm well aware I'm producing posts as fast as ever, but I seemed to find more free time on my hands. But I might slow down to give more quality to my blogs and to get more ideas. If I ever do another In-Depth Dissection or another Blog week (or Month), I probably will take a break from such activity after that, unless I find a subject or experienced something I just HAD to talk about. Just FYI, This blog usually won't have a set schedule. If I miss the "Deadline" for a certain blog, It's usually because I'm to busy to control. Video Game Month was a DOD DERNED MESS!!!! I'd constantly MISS WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO POST CERTAIN BLOGS, but Toku Month was OK as far as when stuff was Posted (Especially considering I had more Posts and a STORYLINE to go with it). I'm already a month behind Kamen Rider Wizard, What Makes me think I'll do better with Kyoryuger or my blog.

Second thing I wanted to get off my chest, What can you expect to see from me. February will have Kyoryuger VS Power Rangers Megaforce. My Problems with Modern Anime will be posted early in the year. the Spider-Man and Men In Black 3 Reviews will be posted eventually. Ladies in Nerd Culture Part II will also be posted eventually. I won't post a Kids on the Internet blog because who the hell cares. August will have a Sentai review for Power Rangers' 20th anniversary. I'll have an end of summer In-Depth Dissection late august. Previews for both will be posted at the end of June. I'll also have My thoughts on E3 2013 also sometime in June. I'll try to review Garo: Makai Senki in October. I'll also have a Kamen Rider Review in December (maybe 555). More to also come, Stay tuned.

I kind of wanted to address this, NO, I WON'T TALK ABOUT CONTROVERSIAL EVENTS IN THE NEWS!!!! I don't talk about mass murders, censorship in anything, or even overly Questionable topics (you guys know exactly what I'm talking about). Which Brings me to...

I really wanted to talk about a lot different subjects, one being the Spoony Controversy that happened a few months back, D2Brigade ending, Why Ash Ketchum is Still 10, and My thoughts on Toonami so far. But many of these were not posted because either I was too angry at the subject, or I couldn't think of anything good to say about those topics at the time they were relevant.

I forgot to mention the Star Wars: Episode II Review I hinted at in the Phantom Menace review, that's not coming until later in the year. In the meantime Expect Doctor Who reviews, other Movie Reviews, and a lot more.

That's Pretty much all I wanted to say about everything, Next time, Expect a real post.

PS: One final note. This Blog might become a Review blog soon, since that's what I seem to be best at. More on that as It develops.

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