Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mario vs PETA Rant

Y'know what I hate?

People who (All things considered) use their product just for the sole purpose to get attention. So how did it all begin? Let's find out.....

^Watch this first^

A long time ago in the mysterious year of 1990, Mario wore his first animal suit, which was the racoon suit, which was upgraded to the Tanooki suit. 21 years later, they reintroduced the the tanooki suit in Super Mario 3D Land. apparently PETA did not like this and decided to throw a tantrum over something that didn't need to be an issue in the first place.

Now PETA is your typical fur's only good for animals type of people, and they tell you how you should live your life like how Kim Jong-il does to North Koreans. Seriously PETA...


Don't tell me I can't wear fur or leather or whatever just because it harms animals, that's just ******* communism right there.

For Mario's 30 years in existence, he never stands for any thing political or religious, But PETA thinks Mario supports wearing fur, Just to support their campaign, PETA decides to make Super Tanooki Skin 2D. Getting away from the fact that the game is lame and not worth your time, the whole purpose of the game seems to be  PETA saying "Hey look at us get revenue from this unauthorized mean spirited parody of a beloved gaming icon." PETA....


Look I know you want to stop people from using fur, that's perfectly acceptable, and lotsa people agree with you, That's also perfectly acceptable, BUT:

1) Tryin' to get peoples attention just for the heck of it is NOT COOL!!!!

2) Mario's fictional!!! He has no political agenda at all.

3) No kid in the world would would play the Mario,  put on the Tanooki Suit, Ask their parents "Can I Shoot a racoon, skin it, put on it's fur, and fly through the air real quick?"

4) Mario's average audience is kids, right? Any kid that's below high school level most certainly should not have hardcore political views.

Congratulation PETA, Yo made your selves look like idiots in front of millions internet users.Good night everyone and thanks for reading.

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