Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sailor Moon R Report Card

Did we all enjoy that lost hour of sleep a few nights ago? Neither did I... Considering that the 3 biggest holidays on March 2015 are happening in the same 5 day span and I can't dedicate blogs to everything, Let's consider today Happy St. Patick's Ultimate Pi Friday the 13th Day. 3 Guesses why It's the Ultimate Pi Day? So onto the topic of today... Sailor Moon Classic was definitely flawed, but it was by no means bad. Many people don't like the R season due to introducing Chibiusa, Yeah we'll be getting to her, and having a weird plot. What do I think of this season? Find out today...


With any long running series, presentation is sure to get better, some are better examples than others, but Animated shows are great examples of this... especially anime. Just look how improved animation wise Pokemon has gotten since 1997. As I said the limited animation has a certain charm to it, it has plenty of it, it'll slowly get less and less as the series goes on, so enjoy it while it lasts. The regular animation has gotten better and more detailed... It has a good balance of both styles, but What about the music? I like the transformation and action music better than last season's, and I do like this season's ending theme. So Presentation gets a solid B, better than last season.


This season isn't a great show of the characters unlike last season, It feels like there's less character focused episodes (more on that later), but by now everyone has a character they connect with, whether it'd be Ami/Mercury's Brains or Makoto/Jupiter's pure Brawn and combat experience. There are more Usagi and Mamoru focused episodes, and they have changed significantly, Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask isn't the jerk from episode 1, and Usagi/Sailor Moon's a full blown hero now. 2 new mains have been introduced, Sailor Pluto, A gatekeeper, Who'll get more interesting later. and Chibiusa, Usagi and Mamoru's daughter from the future, Who's supposed to be the audience surrogate, but she turns out to be a real unlikable character. She's worse than Usagi when it comes to whining. she constantly get's the team in trouble, and she can be a just as much as an antagonist as the real ones, She does get better as the series goes on, but right now she's an annoying hyperactive sugar high character. The Villains are better this time around, they're much more violent and deadly this time around. The Spectre Sisters, Who were essentially monsters of the day in the manga, aren't really interesting, but Guys like Esmeraude, and my favorite of the henchmen Prince Demande (who's cold and calculating), make these better than last season's, but No one is as good as Wiseman, he's Lord Zedd to Beryl's Rita Repulsa, he's a much more threatening this time around. The Characters get a B-, some improvements, some downgrades, but What are you going to do?


Like the last time, the story's a straight up fairy tale. There's a sub arc at the beginning of the season with aliens, but it has no real significance other to introduce some new arsenal for the senshi and to explore Usagi and Mamoru's sex lives.  The real story is that Chibiusa comes from the future and she needs help finding the Legendary Silver Crystal to save her mother. These aliens known as the Black Moon Clan are trying to take Chibiusa to use for their negative energy. They plan to use this nega energy to destroy earth. There's also a subplot with Mamoru breaking up with Usagi due to bad dreams, but you know how it's going to end up, Mamoru's going to realize he was wrong, They'll make up, and yeah this is uninteresting... This season seems very Usagi and Mamoru focused. With less Character focused episodes, there are more story focused episodes with more rewards or consequences for later episodes. I do like this more epic story with more scifi elements thrown in. Chibiusa may not be that great of a character, it feels like a better put together Fairy Tale than Season 1. The Story gets an A-, it may seem like it's as good as it can get, but It only gets better from here.


It's a much better put together season than classic was, but it's not the best... yet, but yeah this is an improvement over the last series and gets a B+, This is what the original season dreams to be.

It only gets better from here, so see you for my review of the S Season, until then, enjoy your St. Patick's Ultimate Pi Friday the 13th Day weekend...

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