Friday, July 4, 2014

My quick thoughts on Transformers: Age of Extinction... Is it better than the first 3 movies?

Some readers may find parts of the story disturbing, Readers discretion is advised.

In case you were wondering, I had a karma filled few days if not weeks, honestly I'm more tired than usual thanks to IRL stuff destroying my morale. but on the bright side I did see ToQ 6Gou, and he convinced me to get another magic goodie bag from the construction worker from the highway. I wonder what's in it...

*Opens Bag*


Anonymous Yoshi: Wow do I have so many hands. Hey Phil, Why are you melting?

Whoa I'm flying in a colored vortex...

*M***G***'s head with a duck beak appears and opens mouth.*

AY: Is that the Yoshiettes? NO THAT OLD GUY'S IS BURNING THEM!!!!!

Old man: You know, Why don't you freaking wake up? JUST WAKE UP!!!!!



PKC: You fell into a coma after that Psychedelic trip a little under a month back. We've been in this motel ever since.

Before we begin I want to address something...

FYI: SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!! Consider my fingers crossed, actually consider a lot of people's fingers crossed. Anyway it's no secret that I hated the first 3 Bayformers movies but how does the fourth one fare, find out today.

It's better than them, but honestly it's not great. It's convoluted, overly long (3 freaking hours), and a little dumb, but somehow, it works. The story is that as new cast save for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are trying to go all over the world just to stop a new league of transformers and their human controllers from taking over the world. It gets transformers because the main plot is not some idiot trying to get laid, it's instead robot vs robot action. Honestly that's the best part of the movie, but honestly there's a bunch of stuff which I'd cut out of the movie and it would be just as good. This is easily the best movie about live action transformers yet, especially since they addressed some of the problems of the first 3, but it's got a few really major flaws that I can't give it a 3.5, but a 3.25 Dinobots  (which hardly show up in the movie due to toy sales and something to put in the trailers because that's the most interesting thing in the entire movie) out of 4.

Kind of sad that this is Michael Bay's last decent movie before just over a month when his career hits a brick wall. You know what I'm talking about.


PKC: Look New York City, Home of July 4th's Doughnut Friday, next exit!!!!!

AY: That's nice and all, but we need to head to the airport to get to my personal plane to 1) Save the video game characters on my private island before Mr. Wright turns them against me, 2) Get the rare ware characters back to 2001, and 3) Get to South Korea to get the part for the Yoshiettes.

PKC: What was that part about the... Who now?

AY: Facepalm.

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